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Ashraf Finds Webmax Cloud-Based Car Workshop Solution Useful

Mohd Ashraf said he could enjoy the convenience of working and access to real-time information from anywhere and anytime with the Webmax Workshop system.

Webmax Workshop System Helps User Improve Client Relations & Productivity 

Mohd Ashraf AB Rahman, the owner of Ashraf Northern Motorsport in Kedah, heard about Webmax cloud-based car workshop solution from Prowheels Distributor Malaysia Sdn Bhd in 2021. However, he did not use the system then as he was using a traditional desktop software.

“We started using the Webmax Workshop system in 2022. With this cloud-based solution, we could enjoy the convenience of working and access to real-time information from anywhere and anytime. In addition, it helps us to improve client relations and productivity by becoming more organised, productive and efficient,” he said.

He pointed out that the customised all-in-one specially built and designed solution for automotive and tyre workshop solution included sales, inventory, finance, customer service, salary and commission calculation…..

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早在2021年,吉打Ashraf Northern Motorsport的东主阿什拉夫Mohd Ashraf AB Rahman)就已经从Prowheels分销马来西亚私人有限公司那里听说了Webmax云端修车厂解决方案。不过,当时的他并没有使用该系统,因为他正在采用传统的桌面软件(desktop software) 

他说:“我们从2022年开始使用Webmax 修车厂(Webmax Workshop)系统。通过这个云端解决方案,我们可以随时随地享受工作的便利和访问实时信息。此外,它还帮助我们的公司变得更具有织性、提高了我们的生产力和效率,从而改善客户关系和生产力。”



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