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BL Auto Car Care & Tyres Malaysia Takes on Agency for Sonic Tools

BL Auto Car Care Tyres Malaysia Takes Sonic Tools

BL Auto Car Care & Tyres Malaysia has recently appointed by Sonic Tools as their distributor in Malaysia.

BL Auto All Set to Grow Sonic Brand in Malaysia

As the newly appointed distributor of Sonic Tools for the Malaysian market, BL Auto Car Care & Tyres (M) Sdn Bhd is all set to grow the brand throughout the country.

The company has operated for more than 3 years in Desa Aman Puri Kepong and is operated by a husband-and-wife team, Tan Kheng Boon and Emilyn Loke. Tan runs the automotive servicing business while Emilyn looks after the automotive and tyre servicing equipment business.

BL Auto provides a wide range of services such as full servicing, changing car tyres, tyre alignment, aircon flushing, diagnostic scans and more.

Sonic Equipment, meanwhile, is a specialist in high-quality hand tools, filled toolboxes and premium storage solutions. Founded in 2004, Sonic is now a leading brand with sales in more than 65 countries worldwide. In addition to Automotive, Sonic is active in the Agriculture, Truck, Industry, Maritime, Aviation, Bicycles and Motorcycles sectors.

“In addition to its role as a supplier to the aviation maintenance industry, Sonic has crafted a growing reputation for its quality repair tools and related products,” said Emilyn, Director, Tools & Equipment.

“Our goal is to provide the perfect solution for technical professionals, always with the right balance between design, quality and price,” she added. “We aim to Inspire technicians with confidence and enable them to excel in their daily job with joy and satisfaction.”

According to Emilyn, BL Auto and Sonic share a key common value – Only the best is good enough. “That’s why BL Auto chooses Sonic tools and is now the official partner of Sonic,” she stated. “In BL Auto, you have not only access to Sonic, but are also guaranteed to get the best customer care in the market. BL Auto provides its service and products at competitive prices and is equipped with the most professional staff. Here is your best place to choose tools and get your car repaired,” she said.

According to Emilyn, Sonic tools are highly work-efficient, providing serious savings in both time and money, allowing operators never to have to worry about losing and finding tools, allowing them to retrieve and return hand tools 20 per cent faster and be 80 per cent more likely to keep their tool set complete.

Sonic products are tested under the most extreme conditions and are extremely durable, enduring heavy-duty wear and tear. They are designed for comfort and safety with chemical and fluid resistance, and are available in a wide range (6.000+ products) and all compatible with Sonic’s Toolboxes and Storage solutions.

Sonic’s products are also trusted by the best in the world. The company has been Volkswagen Group’s (VAG) global official supplier since 2014, providing hand tools and toolboxes to Volkswagen and Audi service and training centres.

Sonic also became a Mercedes-Benz global technical partner in 2017 and has served many MB workshops throughout the world since then.

BL Auto is currently supplying three different Sonic tool kits for the automotive sector, the being the Sonic S10 420 pcs 8Ds tools trolley Art. no 742009 (general vehicles), S9 trolley 8Ds SFS 349pc ART. No. 734931 (Motorcycle), and the S12XD toolbox 8 drawers. 7 drawers filled with 723-PCS tools. Art. no 772346 (Trucks).

Emilyn is confident that the new partnership with Sonic would leverage on the respective strengths of Sonic Tools and BL Auto to create compelling value not only for both companies but also the local automotive and aviation industry.

To grow the Sonic brand in Malaysia, Emilyn has appointed dealers including SH Teraju Resources, Star Max Auto Supply Center, Vmake Technology Enterprise and Garage Engineering. These dealers would also market and promote BL Auto’s brand and products.


作为新任命的所立克工具( Sonic Tools) 马来西亚市场经销商,BL 汽车养护及轮胎(马来西亚)私人有限公司将在全国范围内推广该品牌。

在甲洞Desa Aman Puri经营了三年多的BL汽车养护及轮胎背后是一对合作无间的“夫妻档”—陈庆文和陆姵伶。 陈庆文负责维修汽车,而陆姵伶则负责汽车和轮胎维修设备业务。


与此同时,所立克设备(Sonic Equipment) 是高品质手动工具、填充工具箱和优质存储解决方案专家。 所立克成立于2004 年,现已成为全球超过 65 个国家/地区的领先品牌。除了汽车领域,所立克还活跃于农业、卡车、工业、海事、航空、自行车和摩托车领域。


“我们的目标是为技术专业人士提供在设计、质量和价格之间取得适当平衡的完美解决方案。”她补充说。 “我们旨在激励技术人员,让他们满怀信心地在日常工作中表现出色,充满喜悦和满足感。”

据陆姵伶表示 ,BL汽车和所立克拥有一个关键的共同价值观,那就是只有最好的才足够好。 “这就是为什么BL汽车选择所立克工具,并成为所立克的官方合作伙伴。在BL汽车中,您不仅可以使用所立克,还可以保证获得市场上最好的客户服务。 BL 汽车以具有竞争力的价格提供其服务和产品,并配备了最专业的员工。这是您选择工具和修理汽车的最佳场所。”


所立克产品经过最极端的测试,经久耐用。它们专为舒适性和安全性而设计,具有耐化学性和耐流体性,可用于多种产品(6.000 多种产品),并且能够与所立可工具箱和存储解决方案兼容。

所立克的产品受到世界上最佳技术人员的信赖。该公司自 2014 年起成为大众汽车集团 (VAG) 的全球官方供应商,为大众汽车和奥迪的服务和培训中心提供手动工具和工具箱。


BL汽车目前为汽车行业提供三种不同的所立克工具套件,即型号为742009(一般车辆用途)的所立克S10 420 pcs 8Ds手推车、型号为 734931(摩托车用途)的S9 8Ds SFS 349pc 手推车,以及型号为772346(卡车用途)带有8 个抽屉的 S12XD 工具箱。 7 个抽屉装满 723件工具。


为了在马来西亚发展所立克品牌,陆姵伶委任了一些代理商,其中包括SH Teraju 资源、Star Max 汽车供应中心、Vmake 科技企业和修车厂。这些代理商也将销售和推广 BL 汽车的品牌和产品。

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