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Bosch Rewards Customer Loyalty with eXtra Rewards Programme

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (AA) Malaysia introduced a programme called eXtra Loyalty Programme specially designed to reward and recognise loyal retailers and workshop customers in the automotive segment. 

Bosch eXtra Loyalty programme was introduced in 4 countries, which include Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. Since it was introduced in 2015, the programme received very good response from the auto retailers and workshops in Malaysia. The number of members increased tremendously from 700 members for the first year to 5,600 nationwide to date. 

“We value each of our members and we would like to reward them every time they buy from our Authorised Wholesaler/Distributor. All they need to do is to scan, earn and redeem. Members are able to collect valuable eXtra points through scanning the QR code upon purchasing Bosch AA products, earn and redeem the points for attractive rewards,” according to Pang Yoon Kong, Country Manager of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (AA) Malaysia. 

The participating Bosch products are the routine service products that include batteries, wiper blades, brake pads, horns, spark plugs, air filters and oil filters. It was very easy, he said, what members needed was to download the user friendly Bosch eXtra app to their mobile phone (Android or iOS), which was free-of-charge. 

On top of that, the members could stay updated with the Bosch product application catalogue, latest eXtra promotion, product releases, events and activity announcements through the app. 

Scan, Earn, Redeem 

New members would need to register through the app. Upon approval of registration, they could begin scanning the QR code on the product packaging. The whole process from scanning, earning eXtra points and redeeming rewards are completely hassle-free. 

There is no minimum purchase required to gain rewards. Members could track their points earned through their eXtra apps. There are a wide selection of rewards to be redeemed from Bosch brand of products, mobile and tablets, home appliance, kitchen and dining from leading brands, to name a few. The points could be accumulated for two years. 

“Members can redeem the rewards by clicking on the ‘present icon’ to select their preferred gift based on the available points. They are able to track their redemption process as well,” Vengkat Naidu, Channel Marketing Officer, E-Commerce and Modern Trade of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia added. 

Bosch eXtra hotline  

Members could contact the eXtra customer service team directly should they have any enquiry. The email would be attended to within 24 hours. They could also call eXtra representative from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 

Auto retailers and workshop owners who are interested are also welcomed to join the Bosch eXtra Loyalty Programme.


 博世以eXtra 奖励计划回报衷心客户


马来西亚博世汽车后市场(AA)推介 eXtra 忠诚 计划,一个专为奖励和认可汽车领域里的忠诚零售商和修车厂客户的计划。

博世eXtra 奖励计划目前已在4个国家推介,包括马来西亚、菲律宾、泰国及印尼。自2015年推介以来,马来西亚汽车零售商及修车厂业者对该计划的反应热烈。会员数目也从第一年的700 家,迅速增长至目前全国的5,600 家。


参与该计划的博世产品都是定期服务产品如蓄电池、雨刷、制动片、喇叭、火花塞、空气过滤器及机油滤清器。参加的步骤简单,会员只需将免费,操作简单的博世eXtra应用程序下载到他们的手机(Android 或iOS)即可。





“会员可按照所累计的积分,通过点击‘礼物图标’选择他们心仪的礼物。他们也能够追踪他们的兑换程序。”博世汽车售后市场电子商务及现代贸易渠道行销主任奈鲁(Vengkat Naidu)补充说。


会员可直接联络 eXtra服务队伍询问详情。有关人员将会在24小时内回复所有电子邮件。会员也可从星期一至星期五,早上9时至下午5时拨打eXtra热线,与eXtra工作人员联络。





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