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Bridgestone Potenza Sport Driving Experience Sepang International Circuit

The Potenza Sport Driving Experience puts the sport tyres at the heart of a real-world driving environment.

Bridgestone Claims Potenza Sport Offers Outstanding Control 

Bridgestone Tyre Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd debuted its flagship Potenza tyrePotenza Sport in November 2021, engineered using state-of-the-art tyre technologies to deliver superior road holding performance.

The Potenza Sport Driving Experience puts the sport tyres at the heart of a real-world driving environment, showcasing its true dynamic capabilities, offers an exhilarating day of spirited driving experience for automotive journalists and special invitees. 

The company claimed that the tyre setting a new standard in premium and high-end sport performance with its exceptional cornering and straight line stability. It said, Potenza Sport offering drivers outstanding control on both dry and wet road conditions.

This driving experience allows drivers to push and spotlight the dynamic capabilities of the Potenza Sport. Featuring new and innovative technologies in tread pattern design, compound and construction, the tyre has increased shear stiffness on its pattern design with improved and enhanced braking and abrasion resistance. Optimised compound formula with innovative mixing technology improves the tyre’s wet and dry handling performances. A new hybrid crown performance was developed and deployed by Bridgestone for the Potenza Sport to maximise stability at high speeds, increased quick steering response and optimising rolling resistance.

During the tyre design and development stage, the company pointed out that virtual tyre development technology played a critical role in enabling Bridgestone to accurately predict the tyre’s performance without having to physically produce and test it. This has the dual benefits of being more environmentally-friendly due to the reduced amount of resources required, as well as shortening the duration of the development process, accelerating time-to-market.


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