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Car Sales Start to Accelerate, in Spite of Third Movement Control Order

With the latest figures released from the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), the market is noticeably bouncing back from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Both Sales and Production Show Definite Growth Compared to 2020

Sales are very much on the up, with a close-to-100% increase from this time last year. 46,663 vehicles were sold as opposed to 23,366 last year, with passenger vehicles doubling from 20,839 compared to 20,839 and commercial vehicle sales reaching 4,675, compared to 2,527 the year prior. The year-to-date sales followed the same trajectory, with the combined passenger and commercial sales total reaching 245,932, compared to 128,790 in 2020. Passenger cars proved the lion’s share of the figures with 220,785 sold, making for an 89% improvement on 2020’s 116,715.

Production has also hit the right gear, with a substantial 246% compared to the year before. 2021’s 42,522 production total is close to a 250% rise on last year’s 12,286, with passenger vehicles likewise increasing substantially, with 40,159 cars made as opposed to 12,022 the year before. Production for the year-to-date has almost doubled with a 99% increase, with 240,998 vehicles produced, compared to 121,005, with passenger vehicles leading the way (223,512 vehicles, as opposed to 113,769 the prior year.)

Even though the figures read well when compared to 2020, May saw a 19% fall in sales compared to April. This was due to the MCO being in force in the latter half of May, as well as the Hari Raya festival shortening the working month. The last major element, which affected May remains the continuing problem of a shortage of computer chips, which has affected certain brands.

Looking forward to June, the MAA predicts the month will prove to be a slow month for sales, due to the MCO lasting throughout June. Showcases will also be unable to operate and various government agencies, including JPJ, Puspakom, SPAD and LPKP will either be operating on a reduced basis or closed for business.


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