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Champion Drifters’ Grand Finale at Toyo Drift Event

Grand Finale Toyo Drift

The fourth and final round of the Toyota Gazoo Race Series, held at Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur on 24th and 25th March saw a grand finale drift showcase by three-time All-Japan D1 Drift Champion and Drift World Record holder Masato Kawabata and 2017 All-Japan D1 Drift Champion Hideyuki Fujino, who were brought exclusively from Japan by Toyo Tires.

Grand Finale of Champion Drifters at Toyo Drift Event

Capping off a successful four-race demonstration tour in the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival series, Kawabata and Fujino gave it their all to entertain the large crowd that were present for the two-day extravaganza. The enthusiastic crowd was treated to a consummate display of car control skills as the champions weaved around the drift zone in style, making their mark at Technology Park Malaysia. The Toyo tyre-equipped Toyota 86 drift car was also the star of the show, performing well throughout the demos.

The Toyo Drift Show began at the Batu Kawan Stadium in August 2017, where Kawabata and Fujino drifted with skill despite the rain on Day One. Their flawless drifts provided an amazing show for the crowd. In addition, Kawabata and Fujino took the time to give a show for the staff at Toyo Tyre’s Taiping factory, with a few ‘lucky’ staff receiving a ride with the drift champions.

In November, the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival journeyed to MAEPS Serdang for Round 2 and the crowd was given a treat by the champion drifters. Despite the narrower drift zone, Kawabata and Fujino made it work and thrilled the audience with their pinpoint accuracy and close shaves.

The start of 2018 saw the racing series move south to Medini Iskandar Puteri, Johor. Drift Samurai Takahiro Imamura took over the mantle to display his showmanship and drifted with world champion Kawabata to the delight of the strong cheering crowd.

After four rounds, it is clear that the Toyo Drift Show at the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival left a strong and lasting impression of Kawabata’s and Fujino’s drifting skills in the minds of the Malaysian motor sports fans.



Toyota Gazoo Race Series于3月24日和25日在吉隆坡科技园盛举行第四回合,也是该系列竞赛的最终回合赛事。受东洋轮胎之邀,从日本特地前来的 三届全日本D1漂移冠军和世界漂移赛纪录车手川畑真人(Masato Kawabata)和2017全日本D1漂移冠军车手和藤野秀之(Hideyuki Fujino)将在该竞赛中大显身手。

川畑真人和藤野秀之是Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival系列中的压轴表演嘉宾,以四场精彩绝伦的示范,让出席这两天盛会的大批观众叹为观止。 热情的观众目睹这两大冠军车手展示他们高超的汽车操控技巧,在漂移区里呈现充满个人风格,令人震撼的视觉盛宴。该场的焦点无疑是全程表现优越,安装上东洋轮胎的丰田86漂移车。

东洋漂移秀在2017年8月于Batu Kawan体育场拉开序幕,尽管活动的第一天下着雨,却丝毫不影响川畑真人和藤野秀之展现他们的漂移技巧。他们完美无瑕的漂移,为现场观众带来一个精彩绝伦的表演。此外,他们俩还特别抽空为东洋轮胎太平工厂的员工表演漂移,并载着几位幸运的员工绕场。

去年11月,Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival在沙登大马农业博览馆(MEAPS)举行第二回合赛事。尽管漂移场地窄小,川畑真人和藤野秀仍然能够以他们高超的漂移技术,为观众演绎了一场惊险又精确的漂移。

2018年初,该竞赛系列将移师柔佛Medini Iskandar Puteri。 今村隆宽(Takahiro Imamura)将与世界漂移冠军车手川畑真人,一同展现他的漂移技巧。

川畑真人和藤野秀在Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival四个回合的东洋漂移秀中所展现的漂移英姿,如今想必已深印在大马粉丝的脑海里。

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