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CITEXPO 2024: Redefining Tyre and Wheel Technology in Asia Pacific


Since its inception in 2003, the China International Tire Expo (CITEXPO) has consistently set the benchmark as the leading platform for tyre enthusiasts and industry leaders across the Asia Pacific region.

CITEXPO 2024 Embarks on an Exciting Expansion Journey

Following the resounding success of the previous year, CITEXPO 2024 embarks on an exciting journey of expansion, offering attendees an even more immersive and comprehensive experience.

Taking place from 4th to 6th September at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, CITEXPO 2024 is poised to bring together tyre and wheel industry leaders, innovators and enthusiasts from around the world for three days of networking, knowledge exchange and business opportunities.

Responding to the increasing demand and interest, CITEXPO has expanded to Hall 4 by introducing a new sub-show: China International Tire & Wheel Technology Expo (CITWTEXPO). While CITEXPO remains focused on tyre and wheel sales and trade, CITWTEXPO would specifically address the technological advancements within the industry. This dedicated space would showcase cutting-edge developments in tyre and wheel production machinery, tyre testing and diagnostic tools, tyre equipment, materials for tyre and wheel manufacturing, and more…..

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CITEXPO 2024:重新定义亚太地区轮胎轮毂技术


自2003年开办以来,中国国际轮胎博览会(CITEXPO)始终致力于成为亚太地区轮胎爱好者和行业领袖的领先平台。继去年取得巨大成功后,CITEXPO 2024便开始努力扩张,为与会者提供更身临其境、更全面的体验。

CITEXPO 2024将于9 月4 日至6 日在上海世博展览馆盛大举行,为期三天。该展会将汇聚来自世界各地的轮胎和轮毂行业领导者、创新者和爱好者,彼此交流切磋,寻找合作商机。

为了满足日益增长的需求和兴趣,CITEXPO 的展示面积扩大至4号馆,并推出了一个新的名为中国国际轮胎轮毂技术博览会 (CITWTEXPO)的分展。虽然 CITEXPO 仍然专注于轮胎轮毂的销售和贸易,但 CITWTEXPO 则将专门关注业内的技术进步。这个特别的展出空间将展示轮胎轮毂生产机械、轮胎测试和诊断工具、轮胎设备、轮胎轮毂制造材料等领域的尖端发展……




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