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CKL e-Commerce Market Place Aims to Help Dealers Stay Connected with Customers and Reaching Potential Leads


CKL Group launched its e-Commerce Market Placewww.limtayarisonline.com.my (LTO), a Business-to-Consumer-to-Business (B2C2B) platform last year.

e-Commerce Market Place – a B2C2B Platform from CKL 

Instead of keeping it for its own usage, the Group welcomes everyone in the automotive industry to join them, showcasing their products and services.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated or forced the adoption of digitalisation within the tyre industry, and contributed to the showing up of various online tyre retail platforms in all shape and sizes.  Being online provides flexibility to consumers, as they can purchase anytime, anywhere, without having to leave their house. But, the challenge for the sellers is that they have to be versatile and dynamic, as consumer behaviour and expectation towards online purchasing is ever-changing due to the influences of other non-tyre products and brands. Creating and managing a website needs times and expertise. Leveraging on our e-Commerce Market Place simplify everything,” said Joint Managing Director Clement Lim……

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去年,CKL集团推介其电子商务市场 www.limtayarisonline.com.my (LTO) ,一个企业对消费者对企业(B2C2B)的平台。与其将它保留作为自身用途,该集团欢迎所有的汽车行业业者加入他们,展示他们的产品和服务。



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