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CN Allied Hosts Official Launch of Landsail Tyres in Malaysia

CN Allied Landsail Tyres Malaysia

CN Allied hosted a grand dinner not only to launch Landsail Tyres in Malaysia, but also to celebrate the brand recognition that they achieved. 

CN Allied Celebrates 6 Years of Success with Lansail Tyres

CN Allied Trading Sdn Bhd hosted a grand official launch dinner for the Landsail tyre brand on 13th December at the Dorsett Grand Hotel, Subang Jaya. The event was well attended by approximately 300 people, including delegates from Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd, the manufacturer of Landsail Tyres, namely President Lanny Lin, Sales Department Minister April Wang and Global Motorsport Director Jacky Du, as well as guests and media.

It has been 6 years since CN Allied became the exclusive distributor of Landsail Tyres in Malaysia. This grand dinner was in fact not only the official launch of the brand in Malaysia, but also a celebration for the brand recognition that they achieved, as well as the growth of the business in the country.

Instead of guerilla marketing campaigns that are often designed to reach as many people as possible, CN Allied uses grassroots marketing that targets a very specific audience niche or demographic. They invest in signage, trade print magazines and promotions to create brand awareness amongst the industry players, which have obviously paid off.

CN Allied Managing Director Choo Chin Woon and Commercial Director Toh Meng Fook thanked all the dealers for their support over the years and looked forward to many more fruitful collaborations in the future.

Landsail has been one of the leading companies in the tyre production sector with Ultra High-Performance technology development and manufacturing processes. We are the only Chinese manufacturer that has been able to produce and sell 32-inch, 20-ratio tyres and a full series of run-flat tyres in large quantities. We are also the only manufacturer that has obtained ‘AA’ EU labelling in rolling resistance and wet grip, and has been able to minimise noise to 66dB, which is the lowest in the world,” said Lin in his speech.

A brief introduction of Sentury Tire was presented by Wang. Established in 2008, Sentury Tire started its mass production in 2009, with products ranging from passenger car, crossover, sport utility vehicle, commercial van to aircraft tyres. The Landsail tyre line was launched in 2010.

“As one of the biggest tyre manufacturers in China, Sentury Tire is now ranked among the top 75 tyre companies in the world. We built the first industry 4.0 smart factory in China, and an additional advanced manufacturing plant in Rayong, Thailand. Thus, we could produce 15 million passenger car radial (PCR) tyres in Qingdao and 10 million PCR tyres in Thailand yearly. ”

Today, she continued, the company exports to 150 countries and regions worldwide, Europe and USA are their main markets.

A lucky draw successfully spiced up the night, with many amazing prizes waiting to be won. This included 10 prizes of 40 free tyres each, one ticket for a trip to Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai, a 55-inch smart TV, and a Perodua Myvi. The lucky grand prize winner was Heng Kok Wooi from V Seven Auto Parts Supply Sdn Bhd, who walked away with the new Myvi.

It was truly a fun-filled night with laughter, great food and fabulous lucky draw prizes, as well as a time to catch up with old friends and meeting new people.

CN Allied主办路航轮胎马来西亚发表会

CN Allied 贸易私人有限公司于12月13日假梳邦再也的帝盛君豪酒店,为路航轮胎品牌主办发表会。共有近300人出席该盛会,包括路航轮胎制造商–青岛森麒麟轮胎股份有限公司代表,董事总经理林奕龙、销售部长王莉及全球赛车运动总监阿杜、嘉宾及媒体。

CN Allied成为路航在马来西亚的独家代理已经有6年。 该晚宴不仅只是正式发布路航品牌,也是为了庆祝他们在国内所实现的品牌认可和业务增长。

CN Allied董事经理朱清文和商务董事苏明福向所有的代理致谢,感谢他们这些年来的支持,并期待在未来与他们开展更多卓有成效的合作。

“路航是领先的超高性能轮胎制造商之一,拥有先进的轮胎技术发展和制造过程。我们也是中国唯一一家能够批量生产和销售32寸,20 高宽比轮胎,以及全系列缺气保用轮胎的制造商。我们也是唯一在滚动阻力和湿地抓地力获得‘AA’标签,轮胎噪音降低至66dB(目前全球最低)的中国轮胎制造商。”林奕龙表示。


“作为中国最大的轮胎制造商之一,森麒麟轮胎如今是全世界第75大轮胎制造商。我们在中国设立了第一家4.0智能工厂,并在泰国罗勇(Rayong)拥有先进的轮胎厂。因此,我们每年可分别在青岛和泰国生产1,500 万条和1,000万条轿车子午胎。”


幸运抽奖环节成功炒热当晚的气氛,奖品非常丰富。其中包括10 份轮胎奖(每份有4条免费轮胎),总共送出40 条轮胎 。一张飞往香港、澳门及珠海的飞机票,55 寸智能电视及一辆第二国产车Myvi。 大奖得主是V Seven 汽车零部件供应私人有限公司的邢国威,他赢走了一辆Myvi。


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