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Continental Celebrates 15 Years of Business in Thailand

Continental is celebrating five years of tyre production in its Rayong plant, Thailand, that serves customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Continental Produces 4.8 Million Tyres in Thailand Annually

Continental is celebrating 15 years since establishing its tyre business in Thailand and five years of tyre production in its tyre plant in Rayong this month. The tyre manufacturer had invested a total of €250 million in the plant located in the eastern part of the country.

With around 900 local manufacturing employees, Continental’s Rayong tyre plant has an annual production capacity of 4.8 million passenger and light truck tyres (PLT) as well as motorcycle tyres, serving both the original equipment and replacement sector. 

“The Asia-Pacific region is one of Continental Tires’ strategic growth markets. Our Rayong tyre plant serves our customers with premium tyres locally in Thailand, regionally in the Asia-Pacific region, and even globally,” said Dalibor Kalina, Head of Continentals Business Area Replacement Tires in the Asia-Pacific region. 

At its Rayong plant, Continental produces premium tyres, like the newly launched MaxContact MC7 tyre, which was released to Asian-Pacific markets beginning of April 2024. The tyre was designed to elevate everyday driving experiences with enhanced safety features.

Moreover, Continental produces tyres at Rayong that meet the specific requirements of electric vehicles. In 2023, Continental equipped all the top five highest-volume manufacturers of electric vehicles in the Asia-Pacific region with original equipment tyres. In addition, Rayong is one of the biggest Continental motorcycle production facilities worldwide, distributing motorcycle tyres globally. 

The Rayong plant meets the highest energy efficiency standards. Its machinery is equipped with the latest production technologies, while logistics and handling processes are highly automated. In 2023, the plant expanded its on-site photovoltaic capacity by an additional 2.5 megawatts peak, reaching a total of 6.7 megawatts peak. Currently, the installed solar panels contribute 13 per cent of the total electricity necessary for tyre production per year. 

Continental consistently invests in the digitalization and automation of its global manufacturing operations at its 20 tyre plants in 16 countries worldwide. The focus lies on research and development of innovative technologies, alternative materials, environmentally friendly production as well continuous improvements of the overall efficiency of logistics processes. By 2050 at the latest, the tire manufacturer aims to achieve 100 percent climate neutrality along its entire value chain.

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