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Cooper Tyres Now Available at Selected Goodyear Autocare Stores

Cooper Tyres Goodyear Autocare

The acquisition of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company last year has created one of the largest tyre corporations in the world.

Cooper Tyres Are Designed to Withstand Challenging Conditions

This has allowed Malaysian drivers to enjoy a host of benefits by having access to a wide range of high-quality Cooper Tires at participating Goodyear Autocare stores nationwide.

With the combination of two leading tyre manufacturers, Malaysians could easily fit their 4x4s/pick-up trucks with quality-driven tyres that are said to be designed to withstand harsh terrain and challenging conditions.

“Now with Cooper Tires on board with Goodyear, we could merge our specialty as the top-tier replacement tyres alongside theirs so it’s a valuable outcome for us as well as our consumers. We foresee the synergy of both our brands bringing about an increase and wider spectrum of product offerings to consumers – at the same time expanding further in the local tyre market,” said Alex Ng, Managing Director of Goodyear Malaysia……

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马来西亚固特异董事经理Alex Ng表示:“固铂轮胎与固特异的合作,将我们作为顶级替换轮胎的专长与他们的专长结合起来,这对我们和消费者来说都是具有价值的成果。通过我们这两个品牌的协同作用,我们将为消费者带来更多和更广泛的产品供应,并可进一步扩张在本地轮胎市场的业务…..”


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