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Cooperteams Distribution: Deestone Commits to Quality and Safety

Cooperteams Distribution has been working closely with Deestone since the establishment of Sunlun Group in 1977. 

Cooperteams Distributes Wide Range of Deestone Tyres 

Shah Alam-based Cooperteams Distribution Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian tyre distributor, supplier, wholesaler and importer. It is also a member of Sunlun Group’s Distribution Division.

“Since the establishment of the Sunlun Group in 1977, we have been working closely in partnership with major international brands including Deestone, to deliver the best tyre products and services to our customers. We distribute a wide range of Deestone tyres, from passenger cars, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), truck and bus radial (TBR), military, trailer and off-the-road (OTR) tyres through to speciality tyres, “said Managing Director Philip Lau.  

Deestone OTR bias tyres, he pointed out, are designed to withstand the demands of the toughest jobs. “They are durable and offer good resistance to puncture, which helps to minimise downtime…..”

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Cooperteams 分销:迪世通致力于质量和安全


位于沙亚南的 Cooperteams分销私人有限公司是马来西亚的轮胎分销商、供应商、批发商和进口商。它也是Sunlun集团分销事业部的成员。

董事经理刘庆嘉表示:“自1977年Sunlun集团成立以来,我们就一直与包括迪世通(Deestone)在内的主要国际品牌密切合作,为我们的客户提供最好的轮胎产品和服务。我们经销各种迪世通轮胎,从轿车、休旅车(SUV)、军用、拖车、越野 (OTR)卡客车子午胎 (TBR)到特种轮胎。” 

他指出,迪世通斜交层越野轮胎旨在满足最艰巨工作的要求。 “它们经久耐用,具有良好的抗穿刺性,有助于最大限度地减少停机时间……”


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