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Corida: Every Wheel Has Right to be Renewed

Corida believes that every wheel has the right to be renewed and they brought in the Elegance CNC Wheel Diamond Cutting Expert.

Corida Strives to Improve Local Industry Standard 

With more than 30 years of experience in the automotive servicing industry, Corida Sdn Bhd has crafted its reputation in the industry through its innovative products, solutions and services.

“We always strive to bring new products to the local markets with the aim to improve industry standards and the ease of servicing operations. The Elegance CNC Wheel Diamond Cutting Expert from Turkey-based Atek Makina Industry and Trade Inc is the best solution for the wheels that are not only scratched, but also in need of modification, and deserve to be renewed,” said Executive Director Alex Chan.

In line with its tagline ‘Every Wheel has Right to be Renewed’, he continued that the expert in brighter and smoother wheels – Elegance CNC Wheel Diamond Cutting Expert – offered wheels that would look like they were just released from the factory…..

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在汽车维修行业拥有超过 30 年丰富经验的可利达机械有限公司,通过其创新的产品、解决方案和服务在行业中树立了声誉。

执行董事曾尔略表示:“我们一直努力将新产品推向本地市场,旨在提高行业标准和简化汽车维修工作。土耳其Atek Makina 工业及贸易公司制造的 Elegance CNC 车轮钻石切割专家,是有划痕、需要进行修改及翻新车轮的最佳解决方案。”

配合其标语“每个车轮都有权被翻新”,他继续说,更亮、更光滑的车轮专家 – Elegance CNC 车轮钻石切割专家提供的车轮,看起来就像是刚出厂的一样…..。


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