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Corida Introduces Corghi Proadas – An All-in-One Solution for Wheel Alignment, ADAS Diagnosis and Calibration

The launch of the new Proadas equipment by Corghi is indeed timely with more and more new vehicles coming out with ADAS systems.

Corghi Proadas Ensures ADAS Functions Are Operating Accurately 

With the rapid advancement of automotive technology, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) has emerged as the new standard in our day-to-day driving.  The technology has proved a practical aid to the driver as it offers more comfort and increases car and road safety by minimising human error. 

“Drivers have less to be concerned about when the car is new, as the ADAS systems will be checked as part of its pre-delivery inspection. Even when the car gets ages, drivers can still breath easy as the system will not ‘wear out.’ However, the cameras, radars and lidar need to be correctly calibrated following events such as an accident; or mirror repairs; having the windscreen or sensor replaced; after a wheel alignment, tuning; problem-solving or servicing, to ensure that the ADAS functions are operating accurately.  The safety of these systems is fundamental. The problem is that drivers will only be aware of incorrect calibration when the systems don’t function properly, which increase the risk of an accident,” said Corida Sdn Bhd Executive Director Alex Chan.

The launch of the new Proadas equipment by Corghi, he stressed is indeed timely with more and more new vehicles coming out with ADAS systems. Proadas, he explained, is the universal modular system developed for the verification and calibration of ADAS systems (front sensors), the verification of the alignment status and the complete wheel alignment service on multi-brand cars and commercial vehicles. In short, he said, it is intelligent equipment with all-in-one functions that offers convenience and saves time…… 

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随着汽车技术的飞速发展,高级驾驶辅助系统 (ADAS) 已成为我们日常驾驶的新标准。该技术已经被证实能为驾驶员提供实用帮助,最大限度地减少人为错误,提高汽车与道路的安全性,还有驾驶人的舒适性。 

可利达有限公司执行董事曾尔略说:“当汽车还崭新时,驾驶员不必担心,因为检查ADAS 系统是交付车子前需要进行检查的一部分。即使汽车老化,驾驶员仍无需紧张,因为该系统不会被‘磨损’。但是摄相机、雷达和激光雷达需要在经过这些事件如发生交通事故、修理挡风镜、更换挡风镜或传感器、进行四轮定位、解决汽车问题或维修后需要加以校准,以确保 ADAS 功能的准确运行。尽管这些系统的安全性至关重要,问题在于驾驶人往往在系统无法正常运行时才意识到校准不正确,这无疑增加了发生事故的风险。”

他强调,在越来越多配备 ADAS 系统的新车问世后,科吉推出全新的Proadas设备正合时宜。他解释说,Proadas 是为验证和校准ADAS 系统(前置传感器)而开放的通用模块化系统,可验证和为多种轮汽车和商用车品牌提供完整的轮胎定位服务。简而言之,它是一机多功能的智能设备,既方便又省时……。


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