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Corida Introduces New Artiglio 5000

Corida Sdn Bhd, one of the leading automotive servicing equipment suppliers in Malaysia, recently introduced the new automatic Artiglio 5000 tyre changer from Corghi at the Automotive Equipment & Product Exhibition. The event was held in conjunction with the celebration of the 58th anniversary of the North Malaysia Tyre Association on 20th May in Butterworth, Penang. 

According to the company, this new tyre changer with 3rd generation ‘Leva la leva’ (without level) technology is suitable for vehicle, SUV and commercial vehicle wheels, from 13 up to 28 inches, including run-flat tyres.

Featuring the new demounting tool with Lite Smart Corghi System movement, it reduces the stress on the tyre and never touches the rim. The numerous technical innovations included  dynamic bead breaker disc with dual specular bead breaker disc that is made easier for automation and requires no manual positioning by the operator; newly designed head unit and wheel clamping wheel support plate. In addition, all machine movement controls fall conveniently in the hands of the operator. In short, it has optimised performance, reinforced structure, excellent ergonomics and user-friendly commands.

With all these features, operating speed is faster and without risks for the operator and the rims, even during the most critical phase, plus great ease of use and universality. The company describes the new tyre changer as a piece of equipment of which the features could be used to the fullest.


可利达推出全新Artiglio 5000


可利达私人有限公司,马来西亚的领先汽车服务设备供应商之一,近日在汽车设备及产品展中展示最新的科吉(Corghi)Artiglio 5000自动轮胎拆装机。该展会与北马胶轮公会58周年纪念联欢晚宴同期举行。

据该公司表示,这台采用第三代‘Leva la leve ’(免撬杠)技术的新轮胎拆装机,适合所有汽车、休旅车及商用车辆轮胎,包括漏气保用轮胎,拆装尺寸从13至28寸。

它的特点包括采用科吉Lite Smart移动系统的全新拆卸工具,可降低对轮胎的压力且完全不触及轮辋。其他的技术创新包括一步到位的自动上下压胎盘,无需操作人员手动定位,简单方便。全新设计的拆装头和车轮夹具支撑盘。此外,该拆装机的运作控制设计让操作员操作起来非常顺手。简单而言,它拥有优化的性能、强化的结构、完全符合人体工程学及简易的操作指令。




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