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CYT Oriental Trading Offers Full Range of Chaoyang Tyres

CYT Oriental Trading carries a full range of the Chaoyang brand, from passenger car, SUV, light truck to truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres.

Complete Range of Chaoyang Tyres Now Available in Malaysia

As the official distributor of Chaoyang tyres, CYT Oriental Trading (M) Sdn Bhd has been distributing the brand for about 4 years in Malaysia. The company carries a full range of the Chaoyang brand, from passenger car, SUV, light truck to truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres.

The line-up of tyres that is currently available could be categorised as the following:

Ultra-High Performance Car Series: SA-37 and SA-57

The SA-37 is suitable for all kinds of high-performance cars, offering enhanced wet grip with shorter braking distance. Its strong centre rib guarantees ‘excellent’ handling on wet and dry roads and on-centre feel. The SA-57, meanwhile, is suitable for high performance sport cars, specially designed for drivers who seek ultimate driving thrills and fun. It has circumferential V-grooves to ensure outstanding water drainage, strong centre ribs that provide remarkable handling while steering and improved silica compound to enhance wet and dry grip.

Comfort Touring Car Series: RP26 and RP76

With an improved tyre structure, the RP26 is durable and could provide a more comfortable ride. Its special compound offers remarkable tyre traction. The RP76 is described as ‘Safety Star’ by Chaoyang with excellent handling on dry and wet surfaces and is suitable for high-end comfort touring drivers looking for a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride.

Economy Car Series: RP19

Ideal for taxi drivers, the RP19 is seen as durable, offering good abrasion resistance.

SUV Series: SU318

An on-road SUV tyre that provides a comfortable and quiet drive, the SU318 is suitable for urban use. Its high water drainage improves safety on wet roads.

4X4 Series: SU327, SL369 and SL366

The SU327 and SL369 are both all-terrain 4×4 tyres that are said to provide maximum value. The former features a deep tread pattern that offers better grip and more mileage on all road surfaces, from paved roads, rocky mountain trails, mud and snow. Its enhanced tread depth and unique compound formula increase wear resistance effectively. The tread is also designed to resist cut, wear and knock-on effects.

The SL369 is suitable for drivers who enjoy an off-road challenge. Both on and off road traction is enhanced through its wide tread and multi-stepped grooves that increase the surface area. Other features include zig-zag grooves that offer efficient water drainage and increased traction on wet roads, and large tread blocks that improve stability and handling with less noise on the highway. Its aggressive sidewall protectors increase off-road bite and prevent damage from sidewall cut and abrasions.

Last but not least is the SL366 mud terrain 4×4 tyre that is designed especially for unpaved tough roads with good grip on mud and sand. This professional off-road tyre features various shoulder blocks that promote driving and handling on tough roads. It comes with a reinforced casing to reduce the risk of damage, tyre failure and irregular wear.


CYT Oriental 贸易提供全系列朝阳轮胎


朝阳轮胎授权经销商CYT Oriental贸易(马)私人有限公司,在大马经销朝阳品牌约有4年 。该公司销售全系列朝阳轮胎,从轿车、休旅车(SUV)、轻卡轮胎到卡客车子午轮胎。


高性能轿车胎系列:SA-37 和SA-57

SA-37适合各种高性能汽车,拥有加强的湿地抓地力和更短的制动距离。其坚固的中央肋纹可确保轮胎在湿地和干地的卓越操控和安定感。SA-57 则是条高性能运动型轮胎,尤其适合享受刺激和驾驶乐趣的车主。它的V形圆周沟槽设计确保卓越排水、坚固中央肋纹提供杰出的转向操控,以及改善的硅胶配方,强化干地和湿地抓地力。


RP26轮胎 拥有改善的结构、耐磨,并具有乘驾舒适性。其独特的胎面胶提供优异的牵引力。RP78 被誉为“安全之星”,具备卓越的干和湿地操控, 尤其适合寻求顺畅、舒适及安静乘驾的高端舒适房车驾驶人。


RP19 轮胎是专为计程车司机所设计,具有超高的耐磨性。










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