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Davanti Expands Supply Base in China

Davanti Supply Base China

Davanti Tyres is in the midst of expanding its sourcing base in China.

Davanti to Add a Third Contract Manufacture

UK based private tyre brand Davanti Tyres is in the midst of expanding its sourcing base in China.

Currently, the brand consists of a contract manufactured range of PCR, commercial, 4×4 and SUV summer and winter lines supplied by two different producers from the Shandong and Qingdao provinces of China.

The company says it is negotiating and will soon add a third contract manufacturer. This was confirmed by Michael Eckert, Sales Director, Mainland Europe, Davanti Tyres during the three-day annual tyre show CITEXPO organised from 20th – 22nd August in Shanghai, although Eckert declined to share information about the location of the third party as negotiations are still underway.

The European brand made its debut in 2015 and now sells 2 million PCR tyres annually shipped to more than 45 countries globally. Production-levels will be further hiked after adding the third party in China. Eckert confirmed, “We would be adding at a realistic level 500,000 pieces to hike the capacity to 2.5 million annually by 2019.”

A wide operational area for each distributor is claimed to be behind the success of the Davanti brand. “We have one big distributor in each country, which gives a fairly wide market to operate and make money for our distributors,” he emphasised.

The private tyre label continues to forge alliances and cooperations with key trading houses to promote its brand in new markets. Earlier in 2017, it appointed Hamburg-based international trading house Terramar GmbH to develop the Davanti brand across the Middle Eastern market.


Davanti 扩张中国供应基地

英国自有轮胎品牌Davanti 轮胎,正在扩张它在中国的采购基地。目前,该品牌包含中国山东和青岛两家合约制造商所制造的轿车子午胎、商用轮胎、四驱车轮胎及休闲车(SUV)夏天和冬天轮胎。 该公司表示它目前正在与第三家合约制造商洽谈,相信很快就能达成协议。Davanti 轮胎欧洲大陆销售总监埃克德(Michael Eckert)在出席从8月20至22日于上海举行的CITEXPO展览会时确认该消息。他不肯透露该家制造商的地点,因为仍在商讨中。

这个在2015年成立的欧洲品牌,如今每年的轿车子午胎销售量高达200万条,出口至全球超过45个国家。一旦与第三家合约制造商达成协议,产量将可进一步提高。埃克德确认说:“ 把产量提高到500,000条是实际且可行 的,并可望在2019年达到250 万条的年产能。”

Davanti 的成功要诀是它的每一个经销商的业务范围都很大。“我们在每一个国家拥有一个大经销商,而这让他们得以拥有一个相当大的市场来盈利。”

该自有品牌继续与主要的贸易公司达成联盟与合作,在新市场推广其品牌。2017年年初,它委任汉堡的国际贸易公司Terramar GmbH在中东市场推广Davanti 品牌。


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