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Deestone Looks to Expand and Develop Relationships with Distributor Base

The Tyreman managed to catch up with Deestone CEO Vanlaya (Jane) Vongsariyavanich at the TyreXpo Asia exhibition in Singapore. 

Local Partners are Cornerstone of Deestone’s Business

The process of recovery and finding a way forward after the pandemic has been a difficult task for all new tyre manufacturers, and for the Thailand-based manufacturer, Deestone, things have been no different. However, according to company CEO Vanlaya (Jane) Vongsariyavanich, the company has come through a period of significant change and is now looking forward to the process of updating the business to be well positioned for the future aided by new product launches, a pro-active strategy of finding new distribution partners in key areas, and an upcoming IPO. “It will be an exciting process,” she says. We managed to catch up with her at the recent TyreXpo Asia exhibition in Singapore in order to find out more. 

For Vongsariyavanich, local partners are vital to Deestone as they are the cornerstone of the business. “We are very good at working with the customers in each market,” she says. “We are focusing on building our relationships with customers with a view to helping our company to upgrade to a new level……”

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Deestone 希望扩大和发展与分销商的关系


冠病大流行后的恢复和寻找前进方向的过程,对所有的新轮胎制造商而言都是一项艰巨的任务,泰国制造商Deestone自然也不例外。然而,据首席执行员冯萨里亚瓦尼奇(Vanlaya (Jane) Vongsariyavanich)表示,该公司经历了一段重大变革,如今希望借助发布新产品,在主要地区主动寻找新分销合作伙伴的积极战略来增强业务,还有通过即将迎来首次公开募股(IPO,为未来做好准备。 她说:“这将是一个激动人心的过程。为了了解更多信息,我们在近期于新加坡举行的亚洲轮胎展(TyreXpo Asia)展会上采访了她。

冯萨里亚瓦尼奇认为,当地的合作伙伴对 Deestone 至关重要,因为他们是业务的基石。 “我们非常擅长与每个市场的客户合作。”她说。“我们专注于与客户建立关系,协助公司提升到一个新水平。”


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