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Diagnosing and Rectifying Disc Brake Rotor Issues – Advice from Bendix

Bendix says that discs or rotorsare a vital component of a vehicle’s braking system and should be regulary inspected for wear or damage.

Bendix Highlights the Importance of Car Brake Inspection  

As a vital component of a vehicle’s braking system, discs or rotors, brake manufacturer Bendix says, are an item that should be regularly inspected for wear or damage to ensure on-going braking performance and safety.

While this task would normally be undertaken by the local mechanic or brake specialist as part of a car’s regular servicing schedule, it pays for drivers to be mindful of the symptoms of brake rotor issues.

Given the extreme conditions that brake rotors work under, including extreme heat, high loading and exposure to water, dirt and grit coming off road surfaces, the company says it is possible for these components to become compromised over time and in between servicing…….

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