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Discover 4×4 Tyres – HT, AT, RT and MT

Frankie Kong, Head of Sales for SUV & 4X4, Stamford Tyres Malaysia on how to choose the best tyres that suit your vehicle and driving application.

Choosing the Right Tyres 

How do we pick the best tyres that suit our vehicle and driving application?  What do HT, AT, RT, and MT stand for? What are the main features within each category? To answer all these questions and to give our readers a better understanding of the tyres’ main selling points, we talked to Frankie Kong, Head of Sales for SUV & 4X4, Stamford Tyres Malaysia

“There are ample types of 4×4 tyres and brands in the market, so drivers have to have an idea of the exact differences of each type of tyre and what they can offer to ensure they make the appropriate choice for their vehicle. The Highway Terrain (HT), All-Terrain (AT) and Mud-Terrain (MT) are the three categories of 4X4 tyres that we are more familiar here in Malaysia. A new category of tyre – the Rugged Terrain or Rock Terrain (RT) also surfaced within the market fairly recently,” Kong said. 

HT tyres are the most similar to standard passenger car tyres, and are mainly for paved road usage, he explained. They are designed to provide a smooth, quiet and comfortable drive with a higher speed rating and lower load index.  Their sidewall and tread areas are not specifically designed for puncture resistance; therefore, the tyre is not really designed for off-road performance. HT tyres, he pointed out are suitable for 4WD drivers that have limited off-road exposure….. 

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探索四驱车轮胎 – HT、AT、RT 和 MT


我们如何选择最适合我们的车辆和应用的轮胎? HT、AT、RT 和 MT 分别代表什么?每个类别的主要特点是什么?为了回答所有的这些问题并让读者更好地了解轮胎的主要卖点,我们采访了马来西亚添福胶胎休旅车及四驱车销售主管江泽纬。 

他说:“市场上有很多类型的轮胎和品牌,因此驾驶员必须确切了解每种轮胎的差异和它们可以提供的功能,以确保为他们的车辆做出合适的选择。公路轮胎(HT)、全地形(AT)及泥地轮胎(MT)是大马消费者比较熟悉的三种四驱车轮胎。最近市场上出现了一种新的轮胎类别——崎岖地形(Rugged Terrain或岩石地形 (RT)” 

HT 轮胎与常规的轿车轮胎最相似,他解释说,主要用于铺砌道路。HT轮胎的设计旨在以更高的额定速度和更低的负载指数提供平稳、安静和舒适的驾驶。由于HT轮胎的侧壁和胎面区域不是专为抗穿刺设计的,因此并非是真正为越野性能而设计的轮胎。他指出,HT 轮胎比较适合那些比较少用于越野的四驱车驾驶员使用……



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