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Evergreen Rolls Out New Tyres at CITEXPO 2017

Evergreen Tire showcased seven new patterns at the CITEXPO this year, with two patterns for the passenger car segment, three for SUV/4X4 and two for light trucks and vans.

The DynaControl EU728 is the company’s latest ultra-high performance passenger car tyre that provides improved handling and grip on dry and wet surfaces. Its silica compound offers lower rolling resistance and comfortable driving. It’s available in 16 to 20 inches rim size with V, W and Y rating and aspect ratios of 30 to 55 series. Also new is the DynaComfort EH226 high performance pattern for car tyres, which offers a combination of comfortable, smooth drive and excellent dry and wet grip. It is available in 13 to 16 inches and aspect ratios of 70 to 45 series, with T/H/V/M rating.

The three new patterns for the SUV/4×4 segment are the DynaControl ES880, DynaComfort ES380 and Dyna Wild ES91. The DynaControl ES880 high performance tyre improves high speed handling and comfort through its asymmetric tread and structure design.

Competing with product designs of above 4,500 entries from 55 nations, the DynaControl ES880 won the IF Design Award 2017, known as ‘Design Osca’. The IF Product Design Award was introduced in 1954 and is recognised as one of the most important design competitions worldwide. This is great recognition for Evergreen as it is the first tyre brand in China to receive the award. The tyre has two sizes, 18 and 20 inches with V,W and Y rating and aspect ratios of 35, 40, 50 and 55 series.

Meanwhile, the DynaComfort ES380 pattern features special grooves, shoulder and rim design and provides excellent draining, handling and comfortable drive. Available in two sizes, 15 and 17 inches with H speed rating and aspect ratios of 65 and 70 series.

With a special design that offers multi-directional traction, excellent grip and anti-puncture capability, the Dyna Wild ES 91 is the third SUV/4×4 pattern. Evergreen Tire said this tyre provided ‘perfect driving with excellent handling and stability’ even on muddy terrain.

For the light truck and van segment, Evergreen rolled out the new DynaMaster EV516. With a special structure and block pattern design, this new tyre is said to ensure superior carrying capacity, longer mileage and safety driving. Last but not least is the new DynaComfort EA719, which the company described as the high performance all season tyre for excellent comfort in dry and wet weather conditions. Increased tyre life, precise cornering and superior grip are said to be achieved with its enhanced all season tread design.      

The DynaMaster EV516 sizes range from 14 to 16 inches and 60 to 75 series, while DynaComfort EA719 is available from 14 to 17 inches and 45 to 70 series.


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