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Falken’s EV-Specific E.Ziex Tyre Set to Make European Debut

Falken EV-Specific E.Ziex Tyre
The e.Ziex will initially be available in 11 sizes between 17 and 21 inches, before a wider rollout of additional sizes in 2024.

e.Ziex -the Most Energy-Efficient Tyres Ever Developed by Sumitomo

Falken Tyre Europe’s new-for-2023 e.Ziex tyre, designed specifically for EVs and vehicles that rely on ultra-low rolling resistance to maximise their range, is set to make its world debut in March 2023.

The e.Ziex, first revealed at The Tire Cologne trade show in May 2022, is one of the most energy-efficient tyres ever developed by the Sumitomo Rubber Group.

Its asymmetric tread pattern, develo...

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