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Formula 3 Asian Championship Premieres in Malaysia on Giti Tires

The Formula 3 Asian Championship Certified by FIA kicked off in an exciting debut on 14th-15th July for the new series. The race event included GitiCompete GTR1 tyres on all vehicles as well as branding and special activities for Giti Tire employees and partners.

Teams, drivers and others from three continents hailed the new single chassis, single engine F3 series a resounding success as the opening round at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit saw Dragon HitechGP driver Jake Hughes come out on top during the weekend.

Formula 3 Asian Championship Premieres in Malaysia on Giti Tires

In addition to the racing action, Giti distributors and other partners participated in activities related to the event, including the chance to visit the paddock and experience the amazing vehicles up close. They also watched the race from a special VIP room. Winners from the Best Truck Driver programme in China were also invited to participate and receive awards. These activities gave Giti partners in the Asian region the opportunity to meet and see the Giti competition tyres in action as well as learn about how Giti’s motor sports technology is transferred to everyday tyres.

The exciting race action impressed viewers, especially during the feature race. As the drivers took to the Sepang International Circuit in their new Tatuus Autotecnica Motori F3 cars, the race saw British-based Dragon HitechGP’s dominance challenged by Malaysian hero Akash Nandy, who not only gave his Absolute Racing team its first series podium finish but also kept the experienced Hughes within reach for much of the 12-lap race. Hughes’ teammate Raoul Hyman fended off a sustained challenge from Tomoki Takahashi to claim the final podium place. In the end, drivers expressed their satisfaction and excitement about the upcoming races in the series.

This new Asian Formula 3 Championship uses an advanced FIA single frame and engine, maximising performance and talent to showcase top quality racing through a 15-race, five-round inaugural season, which would continue till November. As the exclusive tyre supplier, Giti Tire joins the FIA driver development programme to build 10 teams with 24 cars to achieve excellence.

Giti says its GitiCompete GTR1 race tyres – described as having excellent product quality, professional technical service and rich event experience – help drivers advance to a higher standard of international racing competition. Giti Tire also expressed its commitment in building the Asian Formula 3 Championship Series as a combination of ‘performance, safety and driver success’.




备受瞩目的国际汽联亚洲三级方程式锦标赛(以下简称F3)揭幕战于7月14至15日在马来西亚雪邦国际赛车场酣畅开战。该赛事除了将GitiCompete GTR1 轮胎安装在赛车上外,还包括了品牌宣传和为佳通的员工和伙伴所主办的特殊活动。赛阵由来自三大洲的车队和车手组成,统一使用单一车架和引擎。Dragon HitechGP车手休斯(Jake Hughes)在该周末成功突围。

除了观赏赛车外,佳通的经销商和伙伴们也参与F3 的相关活动,如有机会参观装备区(paddock)和近距离体验这些跑车。他们在专属的VIP 房间里观看该竞赛。中国最佳卡车驾驶员竞赛的优胜者也受邀参与和领取奖项。这些活动让佳通亚洲区的伙伴有机会目睹佳通竞技轮胎的强劲表现,同时了解佳通如何将其赛车技术转移到日常的轮胎上。                                                                                                            

车手们通过前两回合正赛的磨练,逐渐找到全新Tatuus Autotecnica Motori F3赛车的比赛节奏,纷纷做出不错的圈速。马来西亚本土车手南迪(Akash Nandy)本场表现抢眼,在12圈的比赛中不断向头车休斯发起进攻,最终以全场第二的名次完赛,为绝对车队(Absolute Racing)拿下了新赛季第一个颁奖台席位。休斯的队友拉欧·海文(Raoul Hayman)在整场比赛中忙于应付Super license的日本车手高桥知己(Tomoki Takahashi)的连续进攻,两人始终在一秒以内的差距里展开缠斗,最终海文顶住压力,拿到了第三回合最后一个全场组颁奖台席位。


亚洲三级方程式锦标赛将使用国际汽联(FIA)全新的单一车架和引擎,全年共5站15回合,一直持续到11月。作为独家轮胎供应商,佳通轮胎参与FIA 车手发展计划,建立起10个车队,24部赛车,为优秀的亚洲车手以及国际车手们打造一个展现天赋的绝佳平台。佳通宣称其GitiCompete GTR1赛车胎,拥有卓越的产品品质、专业的技术服务及丰富的活动经验,助力车手达到国际竞赛的更高标准。佳通轮胎也表达了将亚洲三级方程式锦标赛系列发展成为一个结合了“性能、安全性及成功车手” 的赛 事。                                                                                                                                                                                                      



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