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Giti Lunar New Year Reunion

Giti Tire Malaysia Sdn Bhd hosted a lunar new year reunion dinner at The Han Room, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur on 2nd February.

Giti Celebrates Remarkable Achievement for Its Previous Product Launch Event 

The event was well attended by more than 200 dealers across Malaysia, the media and guests.

In his welcoming speech, Chris Bloor, Executive Director, International Marketing and Sales, Giti Group, proudly announced that from the Covid crisis up to February 2023, the company made a remarkable achievement for its previous product launch event.   

“Last year it was not smooth sailing. Covid, shooting prices, currency fluctuation but all these no longer matter as we have progressed. Thank you to the Malaysian team and all of your support. We work together, we win together. That’s the way we go forward and that’s the way we wish to continue our partnership with every customer in this room.”

Bloor continued that the company was close to its dealers and understood what made its business add value to the company. To help its dealers move forward, he said Giti secured an Original Equipment contract with BMW, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, Audi, Volvo, Smart and many more in Europe. He also revealed that Giti would soon collaborate with Sparco– an Italian autopart and accessory company that specialises in race safety industry……

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22日,佳通轮胎马来西亚私人有限公司于吉隆坡谷中城The Gardens Mall的The Han Room举办农历新年团圆晚宴。全马超过200名代理商、媒体和嘉宾出席了此次活动。

佳通集团国际营销及销售执行董事成博文(Chris Bloor)在欢迎辞中自豪地宣布,从新冠危机到 2023 2 月,该公司在上一次产品发布会上取得了傲人的成绩。

“去年并非一帆风顺。 冠病、高涨的价格、货币波动,但这些都不重要,因为我们还是取得了进展。我们感谢马来西亚团队和大家的支持。我们一起努力,一起赢得胜利。这就是我们前进的方式,也是我们希望与在座的每一位客户继续合作的方式。”

成博文继续说,公司与代理商的关系密切,并且了解什么能够让代理的业务为他们的公司增加价值。他说,为帮助代理商向前迈进,佳通与欧洲的宝马(BMW)、大众(Volkswagen)、迷你库珀(Mini Cooper)、奥迪(Audi)、沃尔沃(Volve)、Smart 等公司签订了原装配备合同。他还透露,佳通即将与专注于赛车安全行业的意大利汽车配件公司Sparco展开合作…..





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