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Giti Team and Partners Gather in Philippines for International Brand Experience

Throughout the long weekend, there were a variety of activities for guests to fully immerse in the Giti brand experience.

Experience the Newly Launch GitiSport S1

During the 14th to 16th November 2019, Giti brand team members and partners from Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa met together in Clark, Philippines for a weekend of learning, sharing, driving, and bonding together. These activities allowed their customers to experience the newly-launched high performance product GitiSport S1 in conjunction with Giti Passenger Car tyre launch event in the Philippines.

Throughout the long weekend, there were a variety of activities for guests to fully immerse in the Giti brand experience, with the theme of ‘Enjoy Driving’. The main activities of the weekend were featured on November 15th. In the morning, international distributors from various regions gathered for a fully-branded ‘Giti On Track | Family Gathering’ that included presentations to provide a clear vision and strategy regarding the Giti product and brand direction in a family atmosphere. New announcements and brand and product videos were introduced as part of the event, which showcased Giti’s direction of Product, Service, and Information – as well as intensive digital focus.

Following the morning’s activities, partners were able to go to the track for a Ride & Drive event to feel the control, smoothness, and braking of GitiSport S1 for themselves. This included slalom and wet and dry braking experiences with a 2018 Ford Mustang GT’s 5.0 Liter V8 460 hp and 7500 rpm. For hot laps, guests drove Audi R8, Porsche Carrera S, Porsche Cayman 2019, and Honda Type RS vehicles to feel the intense speed and performance. This hands-on action allowed guests to experience why the GitiSport S1 has tested well above even the top global brands in its attributes.

In the evening, international partners and team joined together with local Philippines dealers for the Giti brand passenger car tyre launch in the country for a full dinner and entertainment ceremony. Featuring a presentation by Giti Tire International Sales and Marketing Executive Director Chris Bloor, dealers were impressed by the wide range of high-tech and fun activities as part of the event. At the conclusion of the event, a video shown highlighting the events of the day was featured.

The events also coincided with the 2019 finale of the Giti Formula V1 Challenge series held in Clark, Philippines. Organised by Tuason Racing School, the series features seasoned and future racing superstars who have graduated from the local and international grassroots communities. All cars had Giti branding and were powered by GitiSport GTR3 RR1 tyres, bringing brand excitement to the community. The series winner Estefano Rivera, will go to the world championship at the famous Suzuka Circuit in Japan this December. In addition to the activities in Clark, the Giti brand partners from the Latin America and Middle East/Africa regions also paid a visit to the island of Cebu from 10th to 13th and 17th to 20th November respectively. This provided a chance for the long-traveling partners to have meetings with Giti team members, as well as a relaxed resort experience to further bond and improve morale. Altogether the experience was very positively received by guests, some of whom travelled across the world to attend. 

Bloor noted, “This hugely successful event was a great opportunity to share best practice, business growth levers and the future strategic direction for our product and brand management.

“These important topics were complimented by a great deal of fun, camaraderie and networking energising our partners and team for 2020 and beyond.”





2019年11月14日至16日,来自亚洲、拉丁美洲、中东及非洲的佳通品牌团队成员和伙伴,在菲律宾克拉克(Clark),渡过了一个难忘的周末。他们学习、分享、驾驶及联络感情。这些活动,配合菲律宾的佳通轿车轮胎发布会,让他们的客户有机会体验最新发布的高性能产品GitiSport S1。在整个周末中,有各种活动,让嘉宾们能够完全沉浸在一“享受驾驶”为题的佳通品牌经验里。 

该周末的主要活动是在11月15日。当天早晨,“Giti On Track| Family Gathering”将来自各区域的国际经销商集合在一起。佳通在这个充满“家庭气氛”的聚会中和与会者分享该公司的愿景和策略,佳通产品和品牌方向。 此外,他们也发出了新公告、品牌和产品视频,作为该聚会的一部分,展示佳通的产品、服务及信息的方向,以及密集数字化的重点。 

紧接下来的是“驾乘活动”(Ride & Drive ),让佳通的伙伴能有机会到赛道上亲自体验GitiSport S1 的操控、顺畅及制动能力。这包括驾驶发动机 5.0 升V8,输出460马力,峰值7,500rpm的2018年福特野马GT 绕锥(slalom)和进行干地和湿地制动测试。此外,嘉宾还有机会驾驶奥迪R8、保时捷Carrera S、 2019年保时捷Cayman ,以及本田Type RS汽车在赛道上奔驰,感觉轮胎的激烈速度和性能。这个活动让嘉宾能够亲自验证为什么GitiSport S1的各种特点 能在测试中超越其他轮胎,甚至全球顶级品牌。 

当天傍晚,该公司的国际伙伴和团队与菲律宾当地代理一同参加佳通轿车轮胎发布会晚宴,享受美食佳肴和余兴节目。佳通轮胎国际销售及行销执行总监成博文(Chris Bloor)在发布会中的简单介绍,让与会者对该活动力广泛的高技术及充满乐趣的节目留下深刻印象。在活动结束后,与会者还能从视频中看到当天活动的精彩重点。 

此次活动,正好与菲律宾克拉克举行的2019佳通第六方程式系列挑战决赛同期。 这个由Tuason赛车学院主办的系列比赛,吸引了来自当地和国际基层社区的车手参加,其中包括经验丰富的车手和未来的赛车巨星。参赛车子都具有佳通品牌涂装,并安装上GitiSport GTR3 轮胎,将该品牌的紧张刺激带给群众。该系列冠军李维拉(Estefano Rivera)将在12月份参加于日本著名铃鹿赛车场举行的世界锦标赛。 


总的来说,与会者对此次活动的反馈都很正面,有些甚至不惜越过千山万水过来参加。“这个非常成功的活动,是一个分享最佳做法、业务增长杠杆及未来的产品和品牌管理策略方向的好机会。我们在充满乐趣、友情及相互交流的氛围里,分享这些能令我们2020年和未来的伙伴和团队充满活力的重要课题。” ”成博文表示。


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