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Giti Tire Malaysia Sponsors 4WD Team of Malaysia Hokkien Association

Giti Tire is the key sponsor of the 4WD All-Malaysian Friendship Tour of the Federation of Hokkien Association of Malaysia event. 

20 Vehicles of 4WD Team of Hokkien Association Relie on Giti Tyres  

Twenty vehicles from the 4WD All-Malaysian Friendship Tour of the Federation of Hokkien Association of Malaysia relied on Giti Tire (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd for tyre support. Giti Tire is the key sponsor of the event.

The event is to commemorate the Association’s 65th anniversary and raise funds for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. Flagged off at Wisma Fujian, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur on 28th May, the 4WD All-Malaysian Friendship Tour vehicles running on Giti tyres were all set for the journey.

Giti Tire Malaysia provided the Team with Giti4x4 AT70, Giti4x4 HT 152 and GitiSynergy H2 tyres. The Giti4x4 AT70 is its premium all-terrain tyre, featuring an attractive and aggressive pattern. Utilising tank-inspired technology, the company said it was durable on all types of road conditions. For the Giti4x4 HT152, it is a next generation highway-terrain tyre with top technology and strong casing to offer ‘great mileage and distance driving’ as well as enhanced wet grip and safety….

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该活动是为了纪念福联会 65 周年会庆,并为拉曼大学医学院筹募基金。 该车队从5月28日在吉隆坡富都福建会馆大厦前举行挥旗礼,安装上佳通轮胎的全马四轮驱动车队联谊之旅的车辆陆续启程。 

马来西亚佳通轮胎为该车队提供了 Giti4x4 AT70、Giti4x4 HT 152 和 GitiSynergy H2 轮胎。 Giti4x4 AT70 是优质的全地形轮胎,拥有迷人且具侵略性的花纹。该公司表示,该款采用受坦克车启发的技术研发而成的轮胎,无论是何种路况都很耐用。至于 Giti4x4 HT152则是一款具有顶级技术和坚固胎体的下一代公路地形轮胎,适合长里程和远距离行驶,拥有增强的湿地抓地力和安全性……..


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