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Goodyear Assurance ComfortTred Redefines Comfort Ride Experience

Goodyear Assurance ComfortTred

Specifically customised for luxury passenger vehicles, Goodyear says its Assurance ComfortTred is designed to deliver a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride.

Goodyear Assurance ComfortTred Available in 12 Sizes

According to Goodyear Malaysia Managing Director Alex Ng, the tyre is the newest and most technologically advanced member of the Assurance Family. The Assurance ComfortTred series was created using the ANX technology for ‘supreme comfort’. Additionally, these tyres are equipped with an extra noise and vibration cancelling layer built with Goodyear’s advanced compound that is against rolling noise. Adding to the comfort-oriented technology is the closed shoulder and narrower lateral grooves, which reduce air pumping noise caused by pressure variation when the tyre touches the ground.

Apart from comfort, the tyre is said to perform well in other aspects. It has an asymmetric tread design with separate shoulder blocks and four wide circumferential grooves to improve handling and traction as well as prevent hydroplaning. The new generation tread compound with high amount of silica and resin features additional traction, which provides the incremental modulation to the road surface, leading to better road contact and water evacuation resulting in better grip. Its sidewalls are designed not only for comfort but also extra firmness when cornering and offer a shorter braking distance on dry surface. ‘Excellent cornering stability’ is achieved through the larger rib design in the centre of the tread….

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固特异Assurance ComfortTred重新定义舒适乘车体验

固特异表示,专为豪华轿车量身打造的Assurance ComfortTred,旨在提供平稳、安静和舒适的乘坐体验。

据马来西亚固特异董事经理 Alex Ng 表示,该轮胎是Assurance家族中最新、技术最先进的成员。采用ANX技术打造的Assurance ComfortTred系列,带来极致的舒适。此外,它还配备了额外的固特异先进复合胶料制成的降噪和减振层,可防止滚动噪音。除了以舒适为导向的技术外,其封闭的胎肩花纹设计和细小的沟槽,可以减少轮胎接地时沟槽内因空气受挤压而引起的噪音。

除了舒适性,据悉该轮胎在其他方面也表现出色。它采用不对称的胎面设计,带有独立的胎肩块和四个宽纵向胎沟,以改善操控性和牵引力并防止打滑。含大量矽硅和树脂的新一代复合胶料配方,可调节接地面,提供更好的接地面和排水,从而获得更好的抓地力。它的胎壁设计不仅舒适,而且在拐弯时更为稳固,并在干燥表面上提供更短的制动距离。 较大块的中央肋纹设计带来卓越的转弯稳定性…….


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