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Goodyear Launches Assurance ComfortTred for Ultimate Comfort Ride

The new Goodyear Assurance ComfortTred, specifically customised for luxury passenger luxury passenger vehicles. 

Goodyear Assurance ComfortTred Redefines Premium Driving Experience

Goodyear Malaysia recently launched its brand-new Assurance ComfortTred, an expansion of the company’s Assurance portfolio specifically customised for luxury passenger vehicles.

With the combination of advanced technology and a sophisticated tread pattern, Goodyear Malaysia claims that the consumer-focused design of the Assurance ComfortTred redefines the premium driving experience, introducing a new level of ‘serenity’.

Using ANX Technology, the Assurance ComfortTred is said to deliver a quieter driving experience on the road. Constructed with an extra noise and vibration cancelling layer built with Goodyear’s advanced compound, the tyre is firmly insulated against rolling noise. The closed pattern design helps to reduce air pumping noise while a high number of smaller tread blocks result in a lower impact force, further improving noise reducing performance……. 

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固特异推出Assurance ComfortTred轮胎



马来西亚固特异近日推出全新Assurance ComfortTred轮胎,进一步扩大其专为高档汽车量身打造的Assurance轮胎产品系列。 

Assurance ComfortTred轮胎采用以消费者为中心的设计概念,结合先进技术与精致胎面花纹,重新定义优质驾驶体验,打造全新的宁静驾驶体验。 

使用ANX技术的Assurance ComfortTred 轮胎,提供更宁静的驾驶体验。该轮胎采用固特异先进复合材料制成的额外降噪减振层,可有效隔绝滚动噪音。其封闭式的花纹设计有助于降低空气泵送噪音,较小的大量胎面花纹块可降低冲击力,进一步提高降噪性能。 

除了极致的舒适性和宁静的行驶体验外,Assurance ComfortTred 轮胎还确保从始至终的最佳安全性,包括潮湿路面抓地力和更短的制动距离。新一代的胎面胶含有大量二氧化硅和树脂,可提供额外牵引力,提高接地面,并实现更好的路面接触与排水性能….


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