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Goodyear Malaysia Partners JKJR in Educating Malaysian Drivers on Road Hazards

Goodyear Malaysia Partners JKJR

As the number of Malaysian drivers increase every year, it is vital that every road user is equipped with sound knowledge and skills on road safety to create a safer driving ecosystem. Echoing this sentiment, Goodyear Malaysia recently partnered with Road Safety Department of Malaysia (JKJR) to organise a road safety workshop for Malaysian drivers. The workshop was aimed at educating road users on the many potential risks that may occur while driving and how to handle those unwanted road hazard situations with ease for an enjoyable drive. 

Goodyear Malaysia Collaborates with JKJR to Educate Malaysian Drivers about Road Hazards

“This joint initiative with JKJR is part of our continuous efforts in creating a platform to increase awareness on road safety. It is our commitment to offer quality products and services to ensure drivers are more prepared and equipped when they are on the road to face different weather or road conditions. A programme such as the Worry Free Assurance that we introduce with this workshop is designed for drivers to have a better, safer and quality driving experience,” said Ben Hoge, Managing Director of Goodyear Malaysia.

The Goodyear-JKJR workshop included tips on how to handle challenges when facing unforeseen road hazard situations as well as how to ensure vehicle and tyres are in optimal condition with proper maintenance. As tyres are the only point of contact between vehicle and road, they play a very important role when it comes to road safety. The workshop elaborated on areas a driver should consider when choosing tyres that are not only vital for road safety, but could also lead to better fuel efficiency and longer tyre lifespan.

Road hazards are among the major issues for many Malaysian road users. Poorly maintained road conditions such as potholes, sand, rocks and wet roads could occasionally lead to a range of vehicle damages such as tyre punctures, scratches, dented rims, uneven tyre balancing as well as major accidents. These road hazards do not only affect one’s driving experience – they are also a major risk to road safety for all Malaysians.

While there are multiple factors that contribute to road accidents such as the human factor, one of the most common factors could be something as simple as road and vehicle condition. According to the Road Safety Plan of Malaysia 2014-2020, in 2013, road and tyre defects were some of the factors that led to accidents. 

Dato’ Haji Rosli Isa, Director General of Road Safety Department of Malaysia (JKJR), said: “We always welcome efforts by other organisations when it comes to promoting awareness on road safety as we believe that road safety is a shared responsibility. JKJR has continuously rolled out initiatives and campaigns to promote road safety for the general public, including public service announcements (PSA) and awareness advertisement on all major platforms. We hope that with this workshop, more and more road users as well as the general public would be more adept and safety conscious while being on the road.”

In line with Goodyear Malaysia’s effort to provide quality products and services to give consumers greater peace of mind while driving, the company also introduced the Worry Free Assurance programme that covers irreparable damages caused by road hazards. This programme is available across a wide range of products and consumers could enjoy the benefit of road hazard assurance for 6 months with eligible claims of one-to-one tyre replacement being done at any authorised Goodyear Autocare or Servitekar. On top of that, consumers are given a worry-free payment option, which is a 0-per cent interest free instalment plan for tyres that are under the Worry Free Assurance Programme.

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