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Goodyear Presents 63 Per Cent Sustainable Material Demonstration Truck Tyre at the IAA for Transportation

Goodyear Tyre IAA Transportation

Goodyear presenting a demonstration truck tyre that is comprised of 63 per cent sustainable materials at IAA

Goodyear Aims for 100 Per Cent Tyre Makes from Sustainable Materials

The overriding theme from the IAA for Transportation across the spectrum from the tyre manufacturers was one of sustainability, whether that be in the form of a plethora of digital services that deliver fuel savings for fleets, product advancements that reduce rolling resistance or, as is the case of Goodyear, presenting a demonstration truck tyre that is comprised of 63 per cent sustainable materials.

The 63 per cent sustainable-material demonstration truck tyre included 15 featured ingredients across 20 tyre components with the demonstration tyre being labelled “A” in fuel efficiency, meaning it can offer the same fuel saving as the most efficient Goodyear truck tyres currently offered.

Ben Glesener, the Director for Tyre Technology Commercial EMEA for Goodyear explained, “This tyre is a showcase of where we are on that journey. Our ambition is to have a 100 per cent tyre as soon as we can. In this demonstration tyre, the biggest portion of materials is renewable, and the smaller portion is recycled…..

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欧洲、中东及非洲区固特异轮胎技术商业总监格莱纳(Ben Glesener)解释说:“这款轮胎展示了我们在这段旅程中所处的位置。我们的目标是尽快拥有百分之百的轮胎。这条演示轮胎的大部分材料是可再生的,可回收的占了较小的部分。”



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