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Goodyear’s Endurance WHA Becomes First Company Waste Haul Tyre Made with Sustainable Soybean Oil Tread Compound

Goodyear Waste Haul Tyre
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has announced at the 2022 Waste Expo that a new formulation of its popular Endurance WHA waste haul tyre is to be made with a renewable soybean oil compound.

Endurance WHA Major Step in Goodyear’s Journey to Replace Petroleum-Derived Oils by 2040

“Producing the new Endurance WHA tyre lineup with a sustainable soybean oil compound will help waste haul fleets pursue their sustainability goals while delivering on the long hours to removal that the Endurance WHA tyre is known for,” explained Jessica Julian, commercial product marketing manager, G...

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