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Guard Your Safety with Laufenn’s Essential Tyre Care Tips

Safety Laufenn Tyre Care

Laufenn has a selection of tips below to share on how to care for and maintain the quality of the tyres.

The Importance of Tyre Care

Tyre care is one of the most important aspects in vehicle maintenance, so it should be given adequate and timely attention. This is to ensure optimum performance, as well as both the safety of the vehicle and its driver and passengers.

Specifically created as a brand to represent Hankook Tire‘s commitment to meet the versatile needs of global consumers, Laufenn tyres are made with a high-quality tread compound containing silica in order to achieve low rolling resistance, high mileage, high resistance to wear and great safety standards. However, tyre wear and tear over time is often affected by factors such as driving styles and habits, the weight of the vehicle, road conditions and the climate. Laufenn has a selection of tips below to share on how to care for and maintain the quality of the tyres.

Checking the Tyre Pressure

The regular checking of tyre pressure and pressure maintenance is very important as this directly relates to safety, as well as prolonging the lifespan of the tyres and saving on costs. Part of this is to maintain optimum air pressure that will ensure a better driving performance and handling of the vehicle. Laufenn recommends checking the tyre pressure monthly as tyres typically lose up to one PSI (pound per square inch) every month. It is also important to check all tyre before a long-distance trip….

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韩泰轮胎创建了路欧锋(Laufenn) 轮胎品牌,以满足全球消费者的多样化需求。路欧锋轮胎采用含有二氧化硅的高品质胎面胶制成,以实现低滚动阻力、高里程数、高耐磨性及高安全性标准。然而,随着时间的推移,轮胎往往因为驾驶方式和习惯、车辆的重量、路况和气候等因素的影响而磨损。 路欧锋提供了以下保持轮胎质量的保养贴士:


定期检查和保持胎压非常重要,因为这直接关系到安全,延长轮胎使用寿命及节省成本。其中包括保持最佳气压,以确保更好的驾驶性能和车辆操控性。路欧锋建议每月检查一次胎压,因为轮胎每个月一般损失 1 PSI(磅每平方英寸)。在长途旅行前检查所有的轮胎也很重要….。


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