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Halza Permai: eMax Online System Offers Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere with Any Device

Established in 2006, Halza Permai Sdn Bhd has been in the tyre servicing industry for more than 15 years.

Halza Permai Praises eMax Online System for its Overall Performance 

“We started adopting eMax Online System in January last year. Before that, we were using the traditional computing accounting system. As a web-based workplace solution, the main advantage of eMax Online System is that it is accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device. This proved especially useful during the Movement Control Order (MCO) when remote working and collaboration intensified,” said Rabila Mohamad Darus, who is in charge of the company’s human resources and accounts.

Rabila revealed that they learned about the system from their distributor, who was a user of the eMax Online System user at the time. “We decided to give it a try and were satisfied with its overall functionality.  It allowed us to have complete control over our sales, inventory and accounts. With the system, manual input is kept to a minimum, which saves a lot of time, manpower and reduces human errors. In addition, it is possible to export financial data and statements from the system to Microsoft Excel without hassle…..”   

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Halza Permai:eMax线上系统可通过任何设备,随时随地进行访问


Halza Permai私人有限公司成立于2006 年,从事轮胎维修行业超过15年。

该公司的人力资源和客户负责人拉比拉(Rabila Mohamad Darus)表示:“我们从去年一月开始采用 eMax线上系统。在此之前,我们使用的是传统的会计系统。作为基于网络的工作场所解决方案,eMax线上系统的主要优势在于它可以随时随地通过任何设备进行访问。事实证明,该系统在行动管控制令 (MCO) 期间,也就是在需要加紧远程工作和协作时特别有用。”

拉比拉透露,他们是从其分销商那里得知到该系统的,该分销商也是eMax线上系统的用户。 “我们决定试一试。结果,我们对它的整体功能感到满意。该系统让我们能够完全控制我们的销售、库存和账户。过去我们需要大量的手动输入,有了它之后,我们不仅节省了许多时间和人力,还减少了人为疏忽。此外,我们还可轻松地将财务数据和报表从该系统中导出到 Microsoft Excel……”


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