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Hankook Chongqing Plant Awarded National Green Factory Recognition

Chongqing Plant was awarded the National Green Factory recognition as announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China

Hankook Chongqing Plant Recognised for Eco-Friendly

Hankook Chongqing Plant is leading the green transformation of industries with the commitment to sustainability at its core. This award is given to leaders of green manufacturing in line with the industrial green development plan of China after a series of strict assessments including self-assessment, independent third party audits and evaluations from experts and government departments. This year’s list includes 662 green factories, 989 green design products, 52 green industrial parks and 107 green supply chain management demonstration enterprises.

Committed to being a responsible company with goals to minimise environmental impact and foster a healthy community, Hankook Tire has long been advocating green growth. By achieving the National Green Factory recognition with its Chongqing Plant, Hankook demonstrated once again its pioneering role in the field of sustainability. Taking an environmentally-friendly design approach since the early construction stages, the Hankook Chongqing Plant facilities were made with non-toxic, environmentally-friendly building materials, and orchestrated in a way to optimise the use of natural sunlight. Promoting low carbon footprint, all the equipment are of high-energy efficiency exceeding the national standards.

Hankook Chongqing Plant also established a committee dedicated to eco-friendly operation and management, and set its own green development plan. It includes the implementation of an energy conservation target responsibility system (ECTRS), which works by allocating a mandatory target to each workshop and job and effectively involving all employees to take part. These efforts were well received, with Hankook Chongqing Plant having acquired the ISO 14001, a global certification which recognises excellent environmental management systems.

Throughout its entire manufacturing process, Hankook Tire strives to minimise energy wastes by utilising of harmless materials, using renewable energy and recycling resources. This affects end-products as well. In compliance with the company’s product design guideline “Hankook Tire Green Design Requirements“, technologies for improving fuel economy were employed to tyre structure design which led to reduced rolling resistance. Hankook Tire Chongqing Plant also actively carries out environmental governance by regularly conducting monitoring on wastewater, noise, greenhouse gases and so on, further qualifying the Chongqing Plant for this award.

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