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Hankook Kinergy Eco²: The Economical Summer Answer

The Kinergy Eco² provides more driving stability and a better dry performance.

Hankook Launches New Kinergy Eco2 

In the Hankook’s portfolio, the Kinergy represents the economic summer tyre for vehicles from micro-car/small car to the lower mid-range. Due to the increasing electrification of smaller vehicle classes, accompanied by further urbanisation and shortage of space for traffic, the company envisages an increasing market for these vehicle segments and appropriate tyres

Alongside pure economic efficiency they also offer optimised traction and braking performances as well as noise comfort, and are therefore suitable for future generations of electric vehicles with their high torques and very low drive noise levels.

Kinergy is short for Kinetic Energy, in other words ‘the energy an object contains due to its movement’. It corresponds to the work that must be done to move the object from rest to its current movement. With the new Hankook tyre, this is much lower than with conventional tyres of this class. 

The suffix Eco provides orientation for consumers as it is widely understood to be a synonym both for ecology and economy, combining the eco-friendly an economical fuel-saving characteristics of the tyre for the benefit of both nature and consumers’ wallets. 

The first Kinergy Eco generation, which was launched in 2011, received many independent international awards. The new Kinergy Eco² is retaining these characteristics whilst being further improved. 

Optimisation of braking performance in the wet was a focus during development of the latest additions to the Kinergy family. A high-grip silica tread compound in conjunction with the compounding technology already used for the company’s performance products provides better distribution of polymers and fillers in the tread compound. 

This has improved both wet braking performance and reduced rolling resistance even further. In addition, three linear grooves make fast drainage possible and also increase vehicle control on wet roads. 

By using a newly designed, asymmetrical tread, the actual contact surface between the tyre and the road was optimised compared with its predecessor’s profile. Along with the improved tread stiffness in both radial and lateral directions, as well as a larger outer tyre shoulder, the Kinergy Eco² provides more driving stability and a better dry performance. 

The dry braking performance of the tyre was also improved by four percent. This was made possible by applying chamfered tread block edges across the entire tread surface, which immediately increased the contact surface during braking. Newly-developed polymers with a high molecular weight in the tread compound of the Kinergy Eco² increase its wear-resistance by four percent.

Thanks to an improved pitch design, the noise development of the tyre at country road speed has been further reduced, improving the comfort features even further. By using the latest Hankook design technology when positioning the tread grooves, development engineers were able to achieve a reduction in the noise level of the tread, even with improved tyre life. 

Like all current Hankook products, the Kinergy Eco² has a Visual Alignment Indicator System (VAI) on both tyre shoulders, which allows drivers to check the basic body alignment easily and conveniently.


韩泰KinergyEco² :经济夏天的答案


在韩泰的产品组合里,Kinergy 代表着经济夏天轮胎,目标用户是微型车/小型车至中低档车。随着较小型电动车数量的不断提高,伴随着进一步的城市化和交通空间不足,该公司预期这些车子的市场将扩大和需要适合的轮胎。

除了单纯的经济效益,该款轮胎可提供优化的牵引力和制动性,而且相当安静,非常适合新一代高扭矩低噪音的电动汽车使用。Kinergy是Kinetic Energy的缩写,也就是动能。它与必须完成的工作相对应,将物体从静止推动到现有的移动。这条新韩泰轮胎,在这方面的表现比同级传统轮胎来得低。


第一代的Kinergy Eco发布于2011年,并赢得了许多独立的国际奖项。全新的Kinergy Eco² 在保留这些特质的同时,也做了进一步的改善。

制定Kinergy系列的最新产品时,湿地制动性能是考量的重点。据称高强度二氧化硅胎面胶料与已经用于公司性能产品的复合技术相结合,在胎面胶料中提供更好的聚合物和填充料分布。 这会进一步提高湿地制动性能和降低滚动阻力。另外,三个线性槽从轮胎的接地面更快地排水,从而增加了在湿路面上的车辆控制能力。

透过全新的非对称胎面花纹,轮胎和道路之间的接触更多。再加上提升的径向和横向胎面刚性,较大的外胎肩,Kinergy Eco²带来更稳定的驾驶,干地的性能也更优秀。干地刹车表现比上一代进步了4%。这是通过轮胎边缘倒角块状花纹设计达成的,在制动时提高轮胎的接地面。此外,Kinergy Eco²的胎面胶料中使用了高分子量的新开发聚合物,将其耐磨性提高了4%。


如同其他的韩泰产品,Kinergy Eco²在两个胎肩上都有一个视觉磨耗指示系统(VAI),随时显示轮胎磨耗情况,简单又方便。


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