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Hankook Tire Partners with Rescale, a HPC Cloud Platform

Hankook Tire accelerates its digital transformation in partnership with Rescale, a high performance computing (HPC) cloud simulation platform.   

Hankook Partners with Rescale to Accelerate Digital Transformation 

The partnership with Rescale will upgrade Hankook’s simulation software to perform even better. Rescale can accelerate digital twins in the HPC cloud platform and further optimise operational efficiency. A digital twin is a digital representation or virtual prototype of a real-world, physical asset. Numerical real-like simulation is made possible with digital twin technology, and such simulation capability provides a critical part in gaining leadership in the new mobility sector. 

The mobility sector is driven by four keywords identified as CASE (Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, Sharing Mobility and Electrification). Aligned with the shift, Hankook Tire will leverage the cooperation to boost its digital transformation, grow a competitive advantage and accelerate innovation in tyre technology for tomorrow’s sustainable vehicles including electric vehicles and self-driving cars.

Rescale helps companies run HPC infrastructure through corporate system or cloud, and use design software on computers. Rescale’s computing resources are scalable, and its platform can improve R&D workflows based on multi-cloud. Rescale is leading digital R&D globally with its solutions used by 7 of the top 10 global automobile manufacturers, and by 200 companies of the top Fortune 500 companies in the U.S


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