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Hankook’s Sneaker Collaboration with Tread&Groove Pre-Sale Sold Out

Hankook's Sneaker Collaboration with Tread&Groove

Hankook Tire announces additional sales of the eco-friendly sneaker made by Hankook’s tyres in collaboration with tyre upcycling shoe startup, Tread&Groove.   

Additional 100 Unit of Sneakers Sales to be Realeased

The additional 100 pairs of the sneaker will be available for purchase from July 25. With shared ESG initiatives and concerns about the environment, the two companies successfully transformed recycled tyres into eco-friendly shoes. Under a joint project named Project Transformation, Hankook provided tyres not appropriate for sales due to minor irregularities, which Tread&Groove applied onto the shoe soles to produce an environmentally friendly, high grip sneaker ‘HK Groovy’.

The collection has been on pre-sale since June in limited quantities of 200 pairs, which went all sold-out. Customers who made their orders will have the products delivered starting from July 18. Having seen enthusiasm and support from customers, the two companies decided to produce additional 100 pairs. They will be available for purchase at Tread&Groove’s official website from July 25. Not only sneaker, but also bags such as duffel bags, canisters, and tote bags made in collaboration with vintage lifestyle brand, The Craft, will be also available for consumers.

Producing shoes from recycled tyres can reduce carbon dioxide emissions of about 9 kilograms per pair. As a result of the collaboration in which 300 pairs of sneakers are produced, approximately 2,700 kg of carbon dioxide emissions are reduced. It’s also notable the outsole of HK Groovy was manufactured without involving any chemical processes by separating only the tread, the rubber part of the tyre surface. The shoe is not only environmentally friendly, but it’s also durable and unique.

With Hankook’s advanced tyre technology, its grip is about 2.9 times higher and its wear resistance is 1.5 times better compared to a regular shoe sole. Furthermore, each outsole has a different pattern depending on the tread that has been used, making each product one of a kind. In addition, HK Groovy embodies a unique design presenting Hankook Tire’s brand identity with Hankook’s logo and the name of tyre pattern. For this project, Hankook provided premium all-season tyre Ventus S2 AS, SUV tyre Dynapro HP2, and ultra-high-performance sports tyre Ventus S1 evo3.

Prior to its pre-sales, Hankook also held an exhibition showing art pieces using tyres created in collaboration with local artists, as well as an augmented reality exhibition. Hankook Tire will continue ESG activities, while tapping into the Millennials and Generation Z who are especially conscious about genuineness and money value. It’s also a good opportunity for Hankook to engage younger generations who have a fewer chance to experience tyres.

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