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Highclass Group Offers One-Stop Truck Tyre Solution

Highclass Group Truck Tyre

Highclass Group ventured into the new truck tyre business about 10 years ago.

Highclass Group: Our Tyres are Retreadable

The Johore Bahru based Highclass Group, one of the best-known pioneers in the Malaysian tyre retreading industry, ventured into the new truck tyre business about 10 years ago.

“Specialising in the production of quality retread tyres for commercial and industrial trucks, Highclass Technics Sdn Bhd has been in the market for 30 years. Our expertise lies in our technical know-how, coping with leading-edge machinery and equipment to produce retread tyres with structural integrity for safety and durable use. The main reason that we ventured into the new truck tyre business segment was to provide the market with more options, especially our fleet customers. This offers our customers peace of mind, having known that the new tyres that they invest are retreadable,” said Group Executive Director Desmond Kew.

Kew added that a tyre’s quality begins with a strong tyre casing. The stronger and studier the casing is, the more times it can be retreaded, which significantly extends the lifecycle of the tyre. Of course, he pointed out that the number of times a quality casing can be retreadedis based on the vehicle usage, tyre maintenance, casing age and condition….

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