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Hock Lee Industries Partner with BL Auto Care & Tyres Malaysia

Hock Lee Industries has formed a strategic partnership with BL Auto Care & Tyres (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd to extend its business operations in Malaysia recently.

Hock Lee Industries Continue to Stay Connected with Customer through New Approach 

Hock Lee Industries Sdn Bhd, part of the Singapore based HLT International Pte Ltd (formally known as Hock Lee), has been in the tyre servicing industry since its establishment in 2005. Recently, the company has formed a strategic partnership with BL Auto Care & Tyres (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd to extend its business operations in Malaysia.

“Staying afloat during the pandemic requires new approaches. In the effort of maintaining a close inspection of our subsidiary in Malaysia, I used to travel quite often to Malaysia as nothing compares to face-to-face communication. An on-site visit enables me to build relationships with clients and staff, share plans or brainstorm in real-time with our Malaysian team, helping to resolve problems at operational level. However, the pandemic has put severe restrictions on cross-border travel. All travellers arriving to Malaysia must undergo quarantine for 14 days at designated government quarantine hotels, and the return to Singapore requires another quarantine period of 14 days. Therefore, we have to rethink how we work to stay connected with customers and maintain our business momentum,” said Chief Executive Officer Joseph Tan.

The opportunity to partner with BL Auto Care & Tyres Malaysia came when Tan Kheng Boon, the owner and one of the strongest supporters of Hock Lee Industries also explored ways of expanding their business horizons…..

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福利工业私人有限公司隶属于新加坡HLT国际私人有限公司(前身为福利),自 2005 年成立以来一直从事轮胎维修行业。最近,该公司与 BL汽车养护及轮胎(马来西亚)私人有限公司合作,扩展其在马来西亚的业务。

首席执行长陈恩德表示:“在冠病大流行期间维持生计需要新的方法。为了掌握我们在马来西亚子公司的业务情况,我经常到马来西亚出差,因为没有什么比面对面的交流更重要。亲临现场使我能够与客户和员工建立关系,并且与我们马来西亚的团队实时分享计划或集思广益,协助解决运营方面的问题。然而,冠病的大流行带来了严格的跨境限制。所有抵达马来西亚的旅客必须在政府制定的检疫酒店接受 14 天的隔离,而返回新加坡时也需要另外 14 天的检疫期。因此,我们必须重新思考如何与客户保持联系和维持我们业务发展的势头。”

无巧不成书。就在这时候,马来西亚BL汽车护理及轮胎公司的东主陈庆文, 也是福利工业最强劲的支持者之一,正好在探索着扩大业务范围的方法。陈恩德就抓住了这个机遇……


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