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HT Eco Battery is Now Authorised Distributor of Varta Batteries

HT Eco Battery Authorised Distributor

HT Eco Battery Sdn Bhd has officially become the authorised distributor of Varta Batteries and started distributing Varta batteries from January 2023.

HT Eco Battery Determines to Provide Wide Range of High-Quality Car Batteries

“We are proud to be the authorised distributor for the world’s number one automotive battery brand. It is a clear example of the trust and confidence our business partners have in our team. We would continue to build on this momentum and provide the best possible service and products to our customers,” said General Manager Gan Boon Huang.

By bringing in Varta Batterie, he continued, the company was determined to provide a wide range of high-quality car batteries that would satisfy the needs of customers throughout Malaysia.

Varta automotive batteries are powered by Clarios, formerly Johnson Controls Power Solutions, a global leader in advanced energy storage solutions. The Varta batteries are factory-fitted by major carmakers and trusted by drivers around the world – whether they are for standard cars, modern cars with a start-stop system or electric cars. Its remarkable portfolio dates back more than 130 years and holds a wide range of car batteries for different needs and specifications….

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HT Eco Battery – 瓦尔塔电池授权经销商

HT Eco电池私人有限公司已正式成为瓦尔塔(Varta)电池的授权经销商,并从 2023 年 1 月开始分销沃尔塔电池。

总经理Gan Boon Huang 表示:“我们很自豪能成为世界第一汽车电池品牌的授权经销商。这清楚地表明了我们的业务合作伙伴,对我们团队的信任和信心。我们将继续发扬这种势头,为客户提供最好的服务和产品。”


瓦尔塔汽车电池隶属于世界先进储能解决方案佼佼者,前身为(Johnson Controls Power Solutions)的柯锐世(Clarios)。 瓦尔塔电池由主要汽车制造商在工厂安装,无论是常规汽车、配备启停系统的现代汽车都能找到它,并深受全球各地驾驶人的信赖。其卓越的产品组合可追溯到130多年前,拥有可满足不同需求和规格的各种汽车电池。


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