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HT Group: Balance Between Tradition and Innovation

HT Group
HT Group

HT Group turns 70 this year.

Exclusive Interview: HT Group Director Terence Tay

Before the start of the grand anniversary dinner celebration, The Tyreman grabbed some precious time with Director Terence Tay to learn about what had driven the Group’s business success over the years, his experience and new developments.

“The sustainability of a family-owned business is underpinned by family values. These values have united all of us and helped us to stay consistent in our decision making and strategies. Of course, there were conflicts but we respect each other’s decisions. We ensure that every family member involved in the business have his or her clear role and responsibility. For instance, I am responsible for the tyre business in the Group. While other family members could give me suggestions, I would be the one making the major decisions for the business. I believe it is these strong family values that brought us to where we are today…….”

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今年,HT 集团庆祝成立70周年。在隆重又盛大的周年晚宴庆典开始前,《轮胎世界》有幸与HT董事郑行杰进行采访,了解该集团多年来业务成功的关键、他在管理方面的经验和公司的新发展。



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