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HT Group Marks 70th Anniversary by Honouring Past, Inspiring Future

HT Group commemorated its 70th Anniversary, a significant milestone that the company says is proud to celebrate in the automotive industry.

HT Group Celebrates 70-Year of Excellence 

It all began in 1953 with a small tyre shop in Johor Bahru, founded by the late Tay See Cheong, formerly known as Hock and Company. The company’s first factory-produced bicycle tyres and other rubber products laid the foundation for many milestones that it achieved.

Evolved over the years, the company adapted to market changes and expanded its products and services to meet customer needs. HT Group grew and diversified to serve a broad range of industries including tyre shops, workshops, power stations and chemical plants. Today, HT Group is seen as a leading distributor of automotive products and operates a network of car service centres…..

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HT集团庆祝成立70周年:Honouring Past, Inspiring Future


HT集团今年迎来70周年,一个让该集团自豪,要在汽车行业中隆重庆祝的重要里程碑。这一切始于1953年,已故Tay See Cheong在柔佛新山创立了一家小型轮胎店 Hock and Company。该公司首家工厂生产的自行车轮胎和其他橡胶产品,奠定了后来HT集团实现许多里程碑的基础。


人员、流程、热诚和利润是HT 集团得以成功的四大核心支柱。该公司表示,在这70年来,它一直秉承这些价值观。HT集团投资于员工发展以提供卓越的客户服务,改进流程来提高效率和质量。激励员工超越自我,将获得的利润投资在人员、产品和流程上。



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