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Into the World of Giti Motorsport

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Giti Tire started its involvement in motorsports in 2002. 

Giti Tire Motorsport Team Manager Shares Giti Motorsport Involvement

Tyre manufacturers invest significantly in different sorts of motorsports every year. As one of the largest manufacturers in the world, with products widely sold in more than 130 countries, Singapore-headquartered Giti Tire is no exception to the rule.

Giti Tire started its involvement in motorsports in 2002. The track is always the ultimate testing ground for tyres, as it provides an excellent opportunity for our tyres to be tested under extreme conditions. The technologies that we have gained from motorsports can be applied to commercial tyre development and production, which allows us to supply much safer tyres for our customers,” said Mark Zhu Min, Manager of Motorsport Team in Giti Tire.

He pointed out that racing drivers who have chosen to use Giti’s products have obtained good results in motorsport racing. This not only proves the excellent quality of Giti’s products but also the research and development capabilities that the company puts into its tyres…..

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佳通轮胎赛车运动团队经理朱敏说:“佳通轮胎于 2002 年开始涉足赛车运动。赛道始终是轮胎的终极试验场,因为它为我们的轮胎提供了在极端条件下进行测试的绝佳机会。我们从赛车运动中获得的技术可以应用于商业轮胎的开发和生产,这使我们能够为客户提供更安全的轮胎。”



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