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JSJ Tools Gallery: TDL Hydraulic Jack Durable and Cost Effective

Established in 2006, Puchong-based JSJ Tools Gallery Sdn Bhd specialises in air hydraulic jacks, mechanical tools and tyre repair products.

JSJ Tools Gallery Resumes Importing TDL Hydraulic Jacks from China  

“We were the first company to bring the TDL brand of hydraulic jacks to the Malaysian market. I saw these products at an exhibition in China and was amazed with the quality and lifting capacity; that convinced me to make the decision,” said Director Johnny Low.

Before the company introduced the brand to Malaysia, tyre service centres were using hydraulic jacks from Europe, which were quite costly. “We managed to convince some of the tyre shop operators to give it a try, despite many of them being sceptical about Chinese products. It was not easy but we made it!”

With the market becoming more competitive over time, the company stopped importing the products directly from China. Today, together with his business partner, J.J. Ooi, Low announced that the company had resumed importing TDL hydraulic jacks to the country…..

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JSJ Tools Gallery:TDL 液压千斤顶经久耐用且具成本效益


2006年成立,位于蒲种的JSJ Tools Gallery私人有限公司专门从事气动液压千斤顶、机械工具和轮胎维修产品。 





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