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JY Wheels Brings Gremax Tyres to Malaysia

JY Wheels Gremax Tyres

JY Wheels, an established distributor with a ‘long and excellent history’ in the tyre industry, was appointed the sole distributor of Gremax brand for the Malaysian market in 2016.

JY Wheels Introduces Gremax Tyres to the Malaysian Market

Gremax is one of the six leading brands of Crown Tyres. Founded in 2006, the company grew and became one of the major exporters of Chinese tyres. In 2008, it started Tirecool, a chain of tyre retail outlets, which to-date consists of 55 outlets. As part of its regionalisation strategy and to stay closer to customers, Crown Tyre set up Gremax Industrial Pte Ltd, its first overseas office to handle tyre related products in Singapore in 2012. Subsequently, Crown Tyre opened offices in Dubai and the US. The company also plans to open offices in Europe.

Besides the tyre export business, Crown Tyres is a major supplier of raw materials to tyre factories in China through its subsidiary, Crown Chemical, the sole distributor of Nynas.

Developed in 2008, the Gremax brand of tyres covers more than 120 countries. In 2014, the Gremax Capturar CF 19 series was launched. This passenger car tyre series was developed by a team of Korean technicians, featuring optimised profile, compound, pattern and structure. JY Wheels is targeting drivers with mid to high end vehicles with this tyre, which features low noise, increased comfort and improved control.

Compared to the last generation, the series is said to have achieved improvements in safety, noise reduction and fuel efficiency. Furthermore, its reinforced structure and pattern design are tuned to provide more precise handling.

The CF19 tread is built with high dispersity silicon dioxide to improve wet grip while the structure contributes to lower fuel consumption and emission. The asymmetric pattern and multi-frequency pitch design significantly reduces noise while driving.

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