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Kayel Tyre Retread Becomes First South-East Asian Retreader to Achieve ECE 109 Status

Kayel Tyre Retread ECE 109

Kayel Tyre Retread has not only scooped the ‘Spirit of Retreading Award’ , but also became the first to achieve ECE 109 accreditation in Southeast Asia.

Kayel Retreads are Now Road-Legal Across Europe

It has been a good couple of months for Malaysian retreader Kayel Tyre Retread Sdn Bhd. Not only did the Kota Kemuning-based company scoop the “Spirit of Retreading Award” in the inaugural Recircle Awards, it also became the first South-East Asian retreader to achieve ECE 109 accreditation for its tyres, meaning that the company’s retreads are now road-legal across Europe and available for export to the European Union.

Following their double success, we spoke to General Manager Mohd Fazeli Mohd Isa and Michael Hutt, the Group Marketing Manager for Kayels parent company, Kit Loong Commercial Tyre (KLCT), about the company’s growth and investments in recent years, as well as their aims to market their retreads outside their core Malaysian market.

KLCT is certainly no newcomer to the retreading industry. Tyre retreading was the original business activity of the Group when it was established 90 years ago, and it continues to be the company’s core business today. However, over the past 12 years, the Kayel retread plant has undergone a comprehensive investment programme that has seen it become the leading retreader in the South-East Asia region. The company’s fully automated plant, equipped with Shearography equipment, automatic buffers and a state-of-the art production management system, is capable of handling 1,000 retreads per day and is currently undergoing an additional MYR 3 million investment to upgrade the facilities to achieve a fully autonomous production system…..

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吉隆轮胎复新成为东南亚首家获 ECE 109 认证翻新企业

马来西亚翻新商吉隆轮胎复新私人有限公司(Kayel Tyre Retread Sdn Bhd) 度过了美好的几个月。这家总部位于哥打甘文宁(Kota Kemuning) 的公司不仅在首届 Recircle Awards 中获得了“翻新精神奖”,而且还是第一家获得ECE 109 认证的东南亚翻新商。这意味着该公司的翻新产品如今在欧洲各地都可以运跑,并可出口到欧盟国家。

在他们取得双重成功之后,我们访问了吉隆轮胎复新总经理莫法泽里(Mohd Fazeli Mohd Isa) 和吉隆母公司吉隆商用轮胎(KLCT)集团行销经理赫特(Michael Hutt) 有关该公司近年来的增长和投资,以及除了大马核心市场外,将翻胎产品出口到其他国家的计划。

KLCT 肯定不是翻新行业的新手。轮胎翻新是该集团在90年前创立时的原始业务,时至今日仍是该公司的核心业务。然而,在过去的 12 年中,吉隆翻新工厂的一项全面投资计划,使它成为东南亚地区遥遥领先的翻新企业。该公司的全自动工厂配备激光散斑无损检测设备(Shearography Equipment)、自动打磨机和最先进的生产管理系统,每天能够处理 1,000 条轮胎。目前,KLCT又额外投资了300 万令吉为该工厂的设施进行升级,以实现全自动生产。


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