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Kian Heng Marketing Brings Dynacargo Truck Tyres to Malaysia

Kian Heng Marketing & Enterprise Sdn Bhd, one of the leading off-the-road (OTR) tyre distributors, based in Senai, Johor, has secured a distributorship to bring in Dynacargo, a new brand of truck and bus radial (TBR) tyre into Malaysia.

New TBR Tyre for Malaysian Market

“From our years of experience in distributing quality OTR tyres and premium batteries to the commercial vehicle industry, we discovered that there is still encouraging demand for premium yet affordable TBR tyres in the market. As such, we went to several overseas trade shows to source a good product that could meet this demand. After much research, we decided to take up Dynacargo, which was produced by Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Co., Ltd (Yanchang Rubber) as we were so impressed by their product quality and great performance.  We would like to provide local fleet companies with another option, especially those who are looking for a combination of quality and value, and we are confident that Dynacargo can deliver this,”said Managing Director James Lai.

According to Lai, Dynacargo has been exported to more than 80 countries worldwide, including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa and Latin-America.

In view of the competition from other brands, Lai wants Kian Heng to position themselves differently from others, or more specifically tyre traders. “We would study whether the products are suitable for the local applications, requirements and road conditions before we bring them in. Then, we would equip our sales team with intensive training to ensure that they have sufficient knowledge to recommend the right products for the various industries. Our sales team has grown and most of them have years of experience in the tyre industry.  We also set up a technical team to look into the problems that are faced by our customers and provide them with the right solutions. The aim is that our customers would purchase our tyres with full confidence, knowing that they are in good hands, and we would provide the necessary support and back up.”

Wide Range of Dynacargo tyres

The company has brought in a wide range of Dynacargo tyres that cover various applications, including long haul, regional, on/off road and mines. Dynacargo Y201 and Y208 are steer axle TBR tyres designed for long haul application. Featuring four straight grooves that offer handling and high-speed stability, both tyres are said to provide long mileage with low failure rates.

“For regional usage, we have brought in the Regional S29, which is a steel wheel position TBR tyre.  This tyre has an optimised internal contour design that could improve durability significantly. Besides the four straight grooves that provide excellent handling and high-speed driving, braking and driving performance are enhanced through zigzag reinforced tiny grooves. This is followed by Dynacargo Y101, Y105 and D50, which are drive axle TBR tyres for regional use, and for trailer we have Regional T27 and Y203. Both have outstanding belt durability that could significantly increase mileage.  The Regional T27 features tiny zigzag shoulder grooves to reduce internal heat and avoid early shoulder damage, while the Y203 utilises a special base rubber formula that reduces internal heat and protects against premature damage of tread and shoulder.”

Apart from the above, the company has also brought in all-position tyres Dynacargo Y211 and Y237 TBR tyres for regional applications. In the on/road category, the company has Dynacargo Y501 and Y516 drive axle TBR tyres, as well as Y205, Y601, Y811 all-position TBR tyres.

Also available are the Dynacargo mining tyres Y858+ and Y868+. According to Lai, these two tyres offer long mileage, high load and low failure. It is said that the Y858+ features a tread compound that has a high abrasion and puncture resistance tread compound, lower possibility of foreign objects embedding themselves and a lower risk of penetration thanks to the tyre’s ultra-wide groove design. As for the Y868+, Lai said, with its optimised internal contour design, the tyre’s durability has increased remarkably. The special groove design of Y868+ has enhanced protection against embedded stones and premature damage.

“We aim to become a one-stop solution provider to our customers. Bringing other affordable products as well as European range are also in the pipeline, so that we are able to offer a full range of products to our customers.”

Located in Xixian new district, Xi’an City, Shaanxi, Yanchang Rubber’s production facilities cover a total area of 1.66 million square metres with more than 2,000 employees.  With the most advanced technologies, the company has rolled out unique and low carbon green tyres. These tyres comply with national CCC, ISO/TS16949. US DOT, Europe E-mark SNI, BIS and other quality management system certifications.

Yanchang Rubber set up Yanchang (Thailand) Rubber Co., Ltd in Bangkok, Thailand. The company provides natural rubber to Yanchang Rubber directly to ensure the raw materials are good in quality and competitive in price.

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