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Kian Heng Unveils Future Growth Roadmap Through New Product Launch

Kian Heng Roadmap

Kian Heng Marketing & Enterprise Sdn Bhd held a product launch recently at the Berjaya Time Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Kian Heng Launches New Products

Kian Heng Marketing & Enterprise Sdn Bhd organised a grand product launch recently at the Berjaya Time Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur involving its suppliers, dealers and guests.

The event that covered the launch of its Tayaraya commercial tyre dealership concept, Amaron Pro Mobile App and Goodyear Lubricants was in line with the company’s slogan of ‘Gear Up Towards the Future’. It also reflected the commitment that Kian Heng made in becoming a one-stop solutions provider for its dealers and customers.

Founded in 2007 as a humble off-road tyre distributor, Kian Heng today is a total management and solution provider of tyres and batteries for the commercial, agricultural, industrial and off-the-road (OTR) vehicle segment with strong growth potential…..

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健兴市场企业有限公司近日在吉隆坡成功时代广场酒店(Berjaya Time Square Hotel)举办了一场盛大的产品发布会,参与者包括该公司的供应商、代理商和嘉宾。

这个与该公司的“Gear Up Towards the Future”的口号一致的活动,涵盖了 Tayaraya 商业轮胎代理权概念、Amaron Pro手机应用程序和固特异润滑油的推出。这也体现了健兴致力于成为其代理商和客户的一站式解决方案提供商的承诺。



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