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Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group Enhances Kayel Retread Range

Kit Loong Commercial Tyre expanded their product range as they have learned more about their clients’ requirements.

KLCT on Its SIGMA Retread Range 

Kit Loong started its retread range with Kayel, which is still their highest-quality flagship retread tyre. However, the market has continued to change rapidly. People are looking for more variety in their retreads, as there is now massively more variety in new tyres, especially when it comes to construction, technology and quality. 

“We realised that what made a good retread, was not just about the material used, but it is as much about the state of the casing and the retread process. So, when our competitors were focused on PPT only, we created the SIGMA retread range,” said Kit Loong Commercial Tyre (KLCT) Group Group Marketing Manager Michael Hutt.

Step-by-step, the company expanded their product range as they have learned more about what their clients require and how they can address these needs safely. Kit Loong is dedicated to quality retreads, he said, so all of their retread tyres are Malaysian Standard (MS) certified (MS224:2005) as well as being certified for individual components, for the precured tread (MS1208:2010) and cushion gum used (MS1348:2010)…..

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吉隆商用轮胎集团强化Kayel 翻胎系列



“我们发现优良的翻胎,不仅仅在于所采用的原材料,更在于胎体的情况和翻新的过程。因此,当竞争者完全将焦点集中在PPT上,我们创造了SIGMA翻胎系列。”吉隆商用车集团(KLCT)集团营销经理赫特(Michael Hutt)表示。 




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