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Kitar Teliti Aims to Grow Roadone TBR Tyres in Malaysia

Kitar Teliti Roadone Tyres

As the sole importer and distributor of Roadone tyres in Malaysia, Kitar Teliti Sdn Bhd is all set to grow the brand for the local market.

Roadone Tyre Uses Globally Leading Technology

Established in 1997, Kitar Teliti has 23 years of experience in different fields, including a wide availability of tyre stocks, spare parts and oil plantation, just to name a few areas of expertise. Today, located strategically at the Segamat Industrial Area 2, Johor, which consists of a 160,000 square feet building area, the company’s main business activities are importing and distributing major international tyre brands in Malaysia.

The reason for adding the Roadone brand of truck and bus radial (TBR) tyres into its product offering, the company said, is because they have confidence in the brand and its quality. According to Kitar Teliti, Roadone was launched after more than 10 years of successful cooperation between its manufacturer, the Hixih Group and another international group. All of Roadone’s products are manufactured using the globally leading European all-steel radial truck tyre technology with state-of-the-art machines and equipment such as rubber compound mixers from Krupp, Germany, wire extruder machines from Bartell, Germany, and rubber sheet calendar machines from Berstorf, Germany, to name just a few……

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Kitar Teliti以在大马发展陆通卡客车子午胎为目标

作为陆通轮胎的马来西亚独家进口和发展商,Kitar Teliti已经准备好在大马大显身手,积极发展该品牌。

成立于1997年的Kitar Teliti,23年来涉猎不同产业领域,包括广泛的轮胎库存、备件及油棕园等。今天该公司在柔佛昔加末第二工业区里的办公大楼面积达160,000平方尺,主要的业务是进口和在国内分销主要的国际轮胎品牌。

该公司说,他们供应陆通卡客车子午胎是因为他们对该品牌和其质量有信心。据Kitar Teliti表示,华勤橡胶工业集团是在与其他集团成功合作10余年后,才重磅推出陆通这个品牌。所有的陆通产品都是采用全球领先的欧洲全钢卡车子午胎技术,顶尖的机器设备如德国克虏伯密炼机、德国Bartell钢丝挤出机及德国贝尔斯托夫胶片压延机等制成。


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